I have frequently heard people say that it is their family and what they have learned in their homes that have been responsible for their success. What Taylor and Abraham went on to say confirms the triumph of this program in helping students find success, “When we perform together like we did last night (referring to their performance of the night before at the conference) we can feel everyone working together as a whole, and we think that closeness is what keeps us going through the performance and what makes us as great as we are.”…wisdom learned at a young age!!

One of the chaperones on this trip, Mignon Coley, had this to say: “As a chaperone and sometimes substitute mom for this group, I got to observe this group come together as a cohesive group. They lost the “individual” for the whole.” It is this “whole” that Mignon refers to that made their performances first rate.

This experience of performing before the music educators of Georgia helped the North Cobb performers realize the emotions of performing well. Milan Desai told me the day after their performance, “The experience of being a part of one of the best bands in Georgia and coming down to the conference gave us the realization that music is us, and it is what we do best.”


When I chatted with some of these students as they were touring through the exhibit hall, I noted that not only did this four and half hour trip to Savannah help them achieve their potential as a group, but it also taught them that the world of music extends beyond their band room. With the various music company displays, the students were able to see the many facets of music other than the performance and the teaching of music. Another dimension was opened to these students to expand their awareness of music.

                       Boys with_AMP_Logo                               students at_GMEA_booth

To Mr. Williams and Mr. Pannell, from a parent’s perspective not from your school, you are doing a significant service for your students, for their parents, and for North Cobb High School. May you continue to adminster to the needs of the students.

To the performers of the North Cobb Wind Symphany, continue to grow in the family of music. Enjoy your “music home”. You are learning life skills that will influence the rest of your life!

Thanks for letting me enjoy the trip!!

                                                                   The Program

                                             Exultate                                            Sam Hazo

                                             La Forza del Destino                           Verdi/Kent

                                             Rest                                                  Frank Ticheli

                                             The Rising Sun                                   Allen Vizzutti

                                                                 1. Mt. Fuji

                                                                 2. The Temples of Kyoto

                                                                 3. The Bullet Train

                                     Allen Vizzutti, Trumpet Soloist—Yamaha Performing Artist

                                     Kingfishers Catch Fire, Movement II    J. Mackey