By L. Scott McCormick, Founder and President, AMP – The National Association of Music Parents
In his book, Ball or Bands, author John Gerdy, founder and executive director of Music for Everyone and a friend of the Association of Music Parents, said:

“Music is a far superior educational investment in the twenty-first century because it is better suited to help our schools prepare children for the world we live in today and for the future. To meet the increasingly complex challenges of the twenty-first century, we must develop in our populace a corresponding increase in creativity. And one of the most effective tools in our educational and community arsenal to teach creativity is music.”

John’s admonishment makes the efforts of the Association of Music Parents even more imperative as we bring together middle and high school music parents; band, choir and orchestra parent booster organizations; music educators; school district administrators; and music industry leaders and retailers as we advocate for the academic success of our children and their musical involvements in school.

The Association of Music Parents

The Association of Music Parents was established in 2011 as a nonprofit, charitable organization to build a grassroots national movement that brings together all stakeholders of music education to defend the interests of our students and ensure that music and the arts remain an integral discipline within the core education system in America. Celebrating our 4th Anniversary, I am pleased that so many of you believe in what AMP is about and have joined us in this critical pursuit.

Join the Movement

There are still countless others, perhaps you the reader, who desire to join our growing network of music parents, music educators, school district administrators, and music retailers. Or perhaps you believe your school’s band, choir or orchestra boosters organization can benefit from AMP’s vast resources of learning and leadership development videos, books and best practice samples from leading music programs, workshops, web development and site hosting, group liability insurance, monthly webcasts, on-site consulting and much more. Or perhaps you’re a parent interested becoming an individual member or a music retailer seeking to offer AMP’s membership benefits to your loyal patrons.

Whatever your interest might be, AMP is the nation’s leading organization that can help your music parents become VIPs – Very Involved Parents!

More about AMP

Allow me to share with you a few thoughts about our organization. If you like what you read and want to join the AMP ranks or want to learn more, I invite you to go to or email me with any questions at

What does AMP do?

The National Association of Music Parents, or AMP for short, seeks to rally every parent of school-aged students along with other family members and concerned citizens throughout the nation to unite for the cause of music in our schools. We do this arm-in-arm with great music educators, including band, choir and orchestra directors, and the music industry as we encourage our membership to

“turn up the volume and be heard”

advocating for music education on local, state and national levels. AMP serves individual music parents, music parent organizations, and band, choir and orchestra boosters organizations, by educating them about the benefits of music education, the importance of advocacy, and the best practices of music boosters organization management. We also provide parents with resources to support their child’s music education and the tools to improve and maintain booster organization excellence and success.

What we are not!

AMP is not the unionization of music parents that attacks music educators and/or school systems. AMP’s purpose is a win-win for all! We only work in concert with music educators and school systems. Music parent organizations serve at the pleasure of their music directors and school systems as a support arm of a school’s music program.

AMP only encourages educational training and development; music program advocacy; networking among members regionally and nationwide; positive and productive relationships among parents, music educators and school district administrators; and the sharing of best practices in areas such as fundraising, communications and marketing, organizational management and logistics, and booster leadership development.

Who are AMP’s sponsors?

AMP is supported through the annual membership of music parents, music parent/booster organizations, and several public school districts. However, several of the music industry’s biggest, most respected names believe in our mission and are Corporate Sponsors:

  • Dansr’ – Vandoren – the U.S. importer for Vandoren products and North American importer of Denis Wick mouthpieces and mutes.
  • Pepper Fundraising – Why Pepper Fundraising? Your Job is tough. Raising money shouldn’t be.
  • Music Travel Consultants – has become the first choice for student performing group travel
  • MakeMusic – Developer of SmartMusic – the award-winning learning software with the power to transform music learning.
  • Stanbury Uniforms – producing uniforms for the marching arts for nearly 100 years.
  • Yamaha – the world’s largest manufacturer of a full line of musical instruments, and a leading producer of audio/visual products, and much more.
  • GoTell Graphics – offers custom design, screen printing and embroidery to schools, music programs, nonprofit organizations and companies.

AMP’s current Music Retail Partners include:

  • Bertrand’s Music – Southern California’s #1 music store
  • Brighton Music – Western Pennsylvania’s full-line music dealer
  • Buddy Roger’s Music – Southern Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Eastern Indiana’s full-service music store
  • Menchey Music Service – Full service school dealer serving Central Pennsylvania and Baltimore, Maryland
  • Miles Ahead Music – Region’s “go to” business for professional quality service and sales with stores in Louisville and Richmond, Kentucky
  • N-Tune Music & Sound – Nationally known and locally owned music store with three locations in West Texas
  • Paige’s Music – #1 choice of over 400 music directors in Indiana
  • Progressive Music – a cultural and community center for all who make music for a living or personal enjoyment
  • The Music Shoppe – serving over 200 music programs in Central Illinois

Strategic Partners

Lastly, our Strategic Partners include DCI, Marching Roundtable, MARCHING.COM, MTD Research, Lexington Philharmonic, and Volunteer Spot. Each of these organizations and retailers believe in your music program and its advancement, and AMP’s mission and purpose. Their support should give you confidence of our commitment to you and your music program.

What benefits does AMP offer?

Depending on whether your AMP membership is an individual, group or school district-wide membership, becoming engaged with us more than pays for the investment as you will receive an ever-increasing number of benefits that currently include:

  • Webcasts and Workshops – Network with music parents from across the nation and gain greater awareness, knowledge and expertise of current issues and best practices through AMP’s monthly webcast and at workshops and seminars conducted throughout the year by AMP.
  • Affordable Parent Group Insurance – NEW! AMP is pleased to partner with PTO Today to offer Director and Officer, Crime and Liability Insurance coverage to members (group or school district-wide membership only).
  • Performing Arts Organization/Venue Discounts – Receive special discounts from AMP’s growing national network of performing arts organizations and venues. Make sure to mention you are a member of AMP (group or school district-wide membership only)!
  • Store and Resources – As an AMP member, you will receive exclusive discounts on books, videos, and AMP branded items offered in the AMP online store. Generally, 15% discount to Individual members and 20% discount to AMP Group members.
  • Samples – We can learn from one another – especially from those who have paved the way to launching and maintaining successful music parent organizations/booster groups. As an AMP member, you will receive access to a growing, robust library of resources provided to us by award-winning programs, along with training PowerPoint presentations and previous AMP monthly webcasts and videos.
  • JW Pepper Fundraising – NEW! Earn 40%-45% profit for your music parents organization/booster group with no up-front costs or hidden fees.
  • SmartMusic – NEW! If you are an AMP member, you are now entitled to a 20% discount off of your individual SmartMusic Subscription. Fill out this quick form, we will verify your AMP membership and email you back your unique coupon code to receive your 20% discount. ($8 value)
  • Stanbury Uniforms – NEW! AMP group members receive a special 2% discount off any new uniform purchased.
  • Website Development and Hosting Services – NEW! AMP can now design, build, host and/or maintain your music parents/booster organization’s website at a very low cost. Contact us for details!
  • Monthly AMP E-newsletter – Stay up-to-date with AMP’s business and upcoming events delivered to your preferred email address.
  • Consulting/School District Workshop Services – We are ready to serve you on your home turf! For an affordable price, we offer professional consulting services for individual booster organizations or conduct 1-2 day workshops for individual music parent organizations/booster groups, district-wide music programs or for a small group of booster group officers in a similar geographic area. Contact AMP for details.
  • Even more! We continue to develop and offer programs that are of direct benefit to your music parents organization and/or school music program. Continue to watch AMP’s website for frequent updates:

As you can see, there’s a lot going on at the National Association of Music Parents! That’s why I thought it was important to give you this comprehensive overview of our association.

For those among you who continue their engagement with AMP, thank you. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you in the months and years ahead. Your input on how we can be of even better service to you and your organization is sought and would be most appreciated. AMP is always looking for ways to improve.

And for those among you who are not yet members, I trust this overview will excite you enough to join us! For membership information please go to There you will see the options I have outlined in this report.

You have been there for your child. Now allow AMP to be there for you. I look forward to you joining us as we advance music in our schools!

L. Scott McCormick
Founder and President
The National Association of Music Parents, Inc.