Hello Symposium Participant,

This page is a private page established for each of you who were a part of the event at Western Carolina Univeristy, July of 2016. Below, you will find links to the powerpoint presentations from each of the presenters as well as additional resources we referenced during the session.

Marching Beyond Halftime – Please Support the completion of the this Documentary

MBHT_frontviewNow Your Program Can be one of 100 to be Included in Marching Beyond Halftime through your support of the film. These t-shirts were designed exclusively to support Marching Beyond Halftime by the hugely popular (and hilarious) team behind The 13th Chair!

Please watch this trailer I was unable to show during the session. It will give you a much better idea of why we are making this film and how you can help us by having your band be a part.

Session 1 – Anatomy of a Highly Functioning Booster Organization – Scott McCormick

WCU Parent Symp – Session 1 Anatomy of Highly Functioning Booster

FHS Band Booster Conflict of Interest Policy
FHS Band Booster Conflict of Interest Policy Acknowledgement
FHS Band Booster Whistle Blower Policy

Session 2 – PAD Initiative – Richard Saucedo

Due to technical challenges, the deck below is from a similar presentation from Richard Saucedo in a previous workshop.
PAD Initiative – National Music Parent Symposium 2016

Session 3- Is Your Organization Legally Compliant? – Barry Morgan

Is Your Organization Legally Compliant

Session 4 – Conflict Resolution – Scott McCormick and Panel

WCU 2016 Ways to Handle Conflict

Session 5 – Strategic Fundraising – PJ Littleton, Scott McCormick

WCU 2016 Fundraising Session


Session 6 – Websites, Social Media and Telling Your Story – Scott McCormick

Website, Social Media Telling Your Story WCU 2016