A continuation of the series Breaking the Bundle! A Guide to Organizing a Booster Organization.

Just as the old man’s sons learned, if each of them did one small act, many tasks could be accomplished beyond their expectations. A basic structure of the leaders of your booster group is needed to coordinate the many jobs the parents can do to help lessen the load on the director/s. Where…oh where… do you start?

Start with your leaders. Select your leaders carefully based on the following criteria:

• Those who can think to the future.

• Those can organize projects and people.

• Those who can communicate with people.

• Those who can carry out plans.

• Those who can motivate others to follow established plans.

The following information worked well for the groups that I worked with over those 19 years.

There are many ways that a booster club can be structured. It is of paramount importance to remember that the director/directors are the “rulers” of the booster organization. Everything is done under their guidance and approval.  For a more in depth explanation of the layout of the executive board, including key members at large, read the article Stick One: Understanding the Structure of a Booster Organization posted in the Organization section of the Resource tab.  This article expresses a fantastic way to work as a team, sharing the responsibility of leadership and alleviating the fear of taking on too big a job while drawing clear lines to simplify the communication process.

Next week, we will take a look at each board member’s role. Having a clear understanding of what the responsibility of an executive board member is will help each member act within his bounds of duty as well as make him/her more confident in his acceptance of a position.

Come back next week for STICK TWO: UNDERSTANDING THE BOARD MEMBERS’ ROLE. Find all the Breaking the Bundle posts here.