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Jackie Evancho & Friends: We Are Hope™
November 9th, 2013
LDS Conference Center, Salt Lake City, UT

“Celebrating Music, Arts & Children”

The MuzArt World Foundation will present an inspirational concert event to launch its global initiative to reinvest music and arts education into the public school systems at the LDS Conference Center on November 9, 2013. Highlighting the event will be multi-platinum child prodigy Jackie Evancho and a global Virtual String Orchestra conducted by, and starring Mark Wood, founder of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Other featured artists include multi-platinum recording artists Michael Martin Murphey, Champaign, singer songwriter Sheila Ray Charles, legendary artist Ray Charles’ daughter, 6-year-old Australian artistic prodigy Aelita Andre, Nathan Osmond, Lexi Walker (performed at USANA convention 2013), Crystal Singing Bowl Master from Crystal Tones Lupito, the award winning American Heritage Lyceum Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, Masa Fukuda and the One Voice Children’s Choir. The MuzArt World Foundation is coalition of concerned parents, educators, public servants, and leaders in business and the arts who all share a common concern over the erosion of arts education from our public schools. All have committed to taking positive action to reverse this alarming trend and give our next generation of schoolchildren the Right to Succeed, “because it’s the right thing to do.”

The MuzArt World Foundation, established and led by the creators of similar landmark grassroots movements such as WE ARE THE WORLD, HANDS ACROSS AMERICA and LIVE AID, chose Salt Lake City as the location for the launch of its global FULL STEAM AHEAD initiative because of the unparalleled commitment it has seen from the city, and Utah as a whole, to the betterment of the world and the world’s children. Now it is counting on the city to join them in putting that commitment into action as Salt Lake City is forever identified as the birthplace of the MuzArt World Foundation, the FULL STEAM AHEAD™ initiative, and the movement to returning music and arts education into America’s schools with a vengeance.

The November 9 concert event, to be performed before 21,000 attendees, will consist of musical selections by its impressive roster of artists, along with moving personal recollections and endorsements from the artists about how arts education inspired them as children.

Along with the artists’ inspirational music, the show will feature impressive video backdrops and featurettes, including the unveiling of the world’s first Virtual Symphony Orchestra, consisting of children from diverse areas around the world, and conducted by the incomparable Mark Wood, founder of Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

The event is specifically designed to inspire the audience, both those present in the building and watching live throughout the world, to an appreciation of all things “virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy,” motivating them to join the MuzArt World Foundation in taking positive action to improve the lives of the children in their communities, across the nation, and around the world.

MuzArt’s WE ARE HOPE™ EVENT will tour the USA over the next 5 years to create awareness of its mission.  Cities currently being discussed include: LA, Nashville, New York, Chicago, Detroit and Houston.