Comfortable…comfort zones…Oh yes, my last blog was about comfort zones and how we can move from one comfort zone to another by using baby steps. I told you how I started to use baby steps to fit myself into the band world. I mentioned the giant step marking that fateful night. I will continue.

We were at a football game. When the game was over, we decided to go to the band room instead of waiting in the van as was our normal procedure. The students, all 210 of them, were seated on the floor in semicircles. The Director and Assistant Director discussed with the students the performance of that night, highlighting good and not so good portions, seeking input from the students, giving instructions for the upcoming week, and thanking both the students and the parents for their time.

I was all set to proceed out of the room when without warning all of the students bounded to their feet assuming the attention position.

The drum majors shouted, “Good, Better, Best. Good, Better, Best.

The band pealed in with, “Never let it rest until the good is better, and the better is best, Better Is Best, BETTER IS BEST!.”

The drum majors shouted, “Band Dismissed.”

To which the band replied, “PHS PRIDE!”

Throughout the chant, all students looked straight ahead with their game faces on, bodies in taut, attention posture showing their willingness to work together to get better and to make that better their best. It was that look…the intensity of their desire to succeed that filled the room…It grabbed me!

Tears flowed that night as they still do every time I hear the band dismiss. It was at that moment I realized that marching band was more than a time filler and more than a social time for these students. It was an avenue of growth provided for my children and all of the other students to learn skills of life. I am ever grateful for that giant step taking me into the band room.