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Musicians’ Worst Nightmares

Inspired by Halloween this week and this piece brought to our attention by AMPassador Maria Dripps-Paulson, we bring you a sampling of musicians’ worst nightmares. Imagine a high school marching band’s worst nightmare. A guitarist’s? A drummer’s? How about brass or woodwind players? (Hint: MAGGOTS!)

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5 Ways to Get Your Kid a Gig, OR, Parent as Band Manager 101

If your teen is already playing music in the basement with his friends and they have several cover songs and a few original tunes, they’re probably getting sick of playing for each other with only the spiders (and you) for an audience. They want to find a gig! If you want to help them, then (congrats!) you are the Band Manager. Welcome to Parent as Band Manager 101. Five sure fire ways to get your kid out of the basement and out gigging!

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