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Musicians’ Worst Nightmares

Inspired by Halloween this week and this piece brought to our attention by AMPassador Maria Dripps-Paulson, we bring you a sampling of musicians’ worst nightmares. Imagine a high school marching band’s worst nightmare. A guitarist’s? A drummer’s? How about brass or woodwind players? (Hint: MAGGOTS!)

Got any to add? Leave us a comment!

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For the beginning woodwind player: Vandoren introduces Juno reeds!

Our partner Vandoren is world-renown for their exceptionally high-quality reeds imported from France. Now, thanks to advances in technology, they are able to bring the same high quality reeds to everyone, including the beginning woodwind player, at a truly affordable cost. Introducing Juno reeds!

And now you can try one out FREE by simply Liking Juno on Facebook!

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Join AMP Today and Membership Will Pay for Itself!

From now through November 15, 2013, the first 15 NEW Booster programs that join AMP will receive a 50 Pack of Traditional Clarinet or Alto Saxophone reeds (up to a $267 value). If your booster program renews your AMP membership, or if you aren’t quick enough to be one of the first 15 new groups to join, you’ll still receive a 10 pack of Vandoren Bb Clarinet or Alto Sax Traditional Reeds (up to a $54 value). Get the full details in this post!

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