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Your Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Happy holidays! Does your shopping list have you stumped? Here are a few gift ideas that might delight your friendly neighborhood music parent. If you’d like to drop a hint or six, leave this blog post open where your loved ones will happen across it. Or if your family is like mine, print it out, leave it on the toilet seat, highlight it and hope for the best.

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What Your Child Won’t Tell You About College Band

To quote a band parent who had a large influence on my life, “It’s a little bit about music. It’s a lot about life.” …Band will be difficult at times. Band will test your child’s ability to prioritize responsibilities. Band will have a lasting, positive influence on your child, and will put into practice skills which would otherwise lie theoretical until years later.

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Tears Don’t Flow the Same in Space…

We talk a lot about the value of music and arts programs in our schools. About the life skills learned: leadership, teamwork and responsibility. I want to talk about something much simpler: lasting friendships and a pure love of music.

In the late 1960’s two young men entered the U.S. Naval Academy at the same time. Their friendship started while playing alongside each other in the Navy’s Drum and Bugle Corps and it grew during their Academy days. After graduation, they maintained their friendship and each went on to distinguished careers as military pilots. In a tragic twist of fate, Charles Burlingame and Frank Culbertson, Jr. each played a unique role in one of our nation’s darkest days.

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