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6 Can’t-Miss TED Talks on Music Education + 1 Epic TED Talk on Creativity in Education

If you’re not yet familiar with TED talks, you should be. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. Through the last several years, TED and TEDx talks have been an amazing platform to bring great ideas from amazing people to the forefront of our collective consciousness, allowing a wider audience to consider them.

There are TED talks on thousands of subjects, but the ones closest to our hearts are the ones that cover music and arts education. I’ve pulled together six of them that I think every music student, parent, educator, administrator, and school board member should be familiar with. Together, they offer a portrait of how music helps to hold together the fabric of society.

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Simple Advocacy for Busy Parents

In the news today, we see all too often stories of music programs being slashed, budgets being dissected, and even entire schools being shuttered. Learning this, many people shrug and conclude that there’s nothing to be done about it. They may feel helpless, and hopeless. They may assume that people more knowledgable than they are are making the right decisions on their behalf, or that the powers that be have stacked the deck against them, or that it’s too late and there’s too much momentum to change anything now.

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Do your kids know about copyright and why it’s important?

In our music education profession we hear of the violations that occur far too often with respect to copyright laws. The National Music Council (NMC) and the Music Publishers Association of the United States (MPA) recently announced the release of a new, innovative education tool for primary school students designed to teach respect and admiration for creators, inventors and their works. Find out what every music parent needs to know about copyright!

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Make the Most of Music Lessons: Find Your Child’s Perfect Teacher Online

Today’s blog post comes from Phil Amalong of The Zoen.

As a professional performer and music educator, I’ve heard endless variations on the above statements. I’m somehow seen as the proper confessor for these personal divulgences—after performances, at events and gatherings, in everyday interactions with people. Many “I only wish…” stories and sadly, much regret. I find myself offering encouragement: “It’s never too late…” and “You’re here at this concert—thank you, we need great audiences,” both sentiments I strongly believe are true.

In hearing these “I wish” stories, I’m reminded of and grateful for the wonderful music teachers I was fortunate to have. I can see how they shaped my future in profound ways, taught me to have discipline in learning to play and love music and opened many possibilities in my life.

What should we do when we want to provide our children with the benefits and lifelong joys that private music lessons offer? After all, we’re really busy. It’s yet another activity and expense to fit into our shrinking week and budget. We wonder if our children will appreciate the lessons. We wonder: how can we find the teacher who’s going to be the perfect fit and will really help our kids “get it?”

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Who brought you music?

The GRAMMYS launched their music educator award during the broadcast on February 10th, 2013. Find out more about it here and nominate a music teacher (or six). It’s super quick and easy, and a great way to let your child’s teachers know that they’re making a difference.

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SET A GOAL: 8 Worthy Goals for Music Parents

January is a time for clean slates and fresh beginnings. Marching season is over, the holidays are past, and bowl games are behind us. This year, my first resolution is to get the Christmas tree put away before St. Patrick’s Day. (Actually not kidding. Sigh.) After that, though, what comes next?

“Resolution” is really just a fancy way of announcing that you’re planning to commit to an intention to better yourself or the world around you. In other words, to “set a goal.”

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What Your Child Won’t Tell You About College Band

To quote a band parent who had a large influence on my life, “It’s a little bit about music. It’s a lot about life.” …Band will be difficult at times. Band will test your child’s ability to prioritize responsibilities. Band will have a lasting, positive influence on your child, and will put into practice skills which would otherwise lie theoretical until years later.

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Before the Need Becomes a Crisis: 4 Easy Ways to Support Music Education in Schools

You’ve seen the headlines about the economy and “failing” schools. We believe parents need to step up to get involved long before your local school board begins cutting costs…whether it’s with a scalpel, or with something worse! Think it can’t happen to you? Well, come on in and sit a spell…maybe it’s not too late for your school music program after all.

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Search for “Best Teen Band in USA” has Begun

Just in time for back-to-school, teen bands have the chance to showcase their talent by entering NAMM’s fourth annual SchoolJam USA, a national teen battle of the bands. Starting today, middle and high school teens with a passion for music can help promote their schools’ music education programs, by entering the SchoolJam USA competition at www.schooljamusa.com.

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Are You Maximizing Your Fundraising Efforts?

AMP is pleased to welcome you to Retail Benefits… recurring, passive income! Unrivaled in its technology platform, with no start-up costs and minimal effort to implement, Retail Benefits enables your organization to offer to donors, parents, and school employees a new ancillary benefit and method of supporting your organization that’s highly appealing and easy to use.

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Supporting Music Education at the Pennsylvania Capitol

Music programs in the elementary schools, along with art, physical education and library services were on the chopping block in Upper Darby, PA. Unthinkable! I came to Harrisburg to find out why, and to see if I could learn anything to share with music parents nationwide that might help. I met up with AMP CEO Scott McCormick, who flew out to attend to their school board meeting the night before and to speak at the rally as well.

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