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25 Ways to Serve Your Community During the Holidays and Raise Some Cash!

Did you know that over 30% of the charitable donations for the entire year are made during December? Pretty impressive! If you think creatively, there are lots of opportunities for your organization to take advantage of this goodwill: not just in December, but all year round. There are a lot of things people need to celebrate the holidays, and if buyers can combine the purchase of a crucial item with a charitable contribution, so much the better!

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Are You Maximizing Your Fundraising Efforts?

AMP is pleased to welcome you to Retail Benefits… recurring, passive income! Unrivaled in its technology platform, with no start-up costs and minimal effort to implement, Retail Benefits enables your organization to offer to donors, parents, and school employees a new ancillary benefit and method of supporting your organization that’s highly appealing and easy to use.

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The More Things Change…

In the beginning, it seemed like a good idea and I promise, it was with the best intentions. But some things, I guess, just don’t change.

I’m talking about trying to organize the band, football, cheer and ROTC boosters to work together to raise money for the trip to Ireland they are taking next August. As I’ve told you, my son, Jack, will be an incoming freshman in band and I volunteered to help strategize fundraising efforts.

At first, I really thought we had a chance to bring down some barriers.…

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Wishful Thinking

Find out how one dad faced the reality of fundraising for a once-in-a-lifetime Ireland trip.

Call it naïve, but when we arrived at the meeting with the band director, booster president and other parents, what I expected to hear was: “We’re going to Ireland! Here’s what the school is paying for and here is what your share is.”

Wishful thinking.

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