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Leadership is Spelled “S-E-R-V-A-N-T”

Today’s guest post is by Marc C. Whitt, AMPassador.

One of the most important aspects of any music parents organization is leadership and in particular, the individual who serves as your president or chair.

Some leaders are born. Many more are groomed and developed over a period of time to become the positive force the organization needs and demands.

Recognizing that leaders come in all shapes, sizes and personalities, I contend that a critical trait often overlooked by organizations is that of being a “servant leader.”

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Committee vs Team

A continuation of the series Breaking the Bundle! A Guide to Organizing a Booster Organization

Order is the central premise of organizing the entire parents group. Once that basic board with its officers and members at large are decided upon, it is then time to organize the remaining parents into teams, or what used to be referred to as committees.

You might ask, why did you say teams and not committees?

Thank you for asking. I have an answer.

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Are You Maximizing Your Fundraising Efforts?

AMP is pleased to welcome you to Retail Benefits… recurring, passive income! Unrivaled in its technology platform, with no start-up costs and minimal effort to implement, Retail Benefits enables your organization to offer to donors, parents, and school employees a new ancillary benefit and method of supporting your organization that’s highly appealing and easy to use.

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The Secret to Breaking The Bundle

There is an old folk story told about an elderly man who had ten sons. He owned a huge farm, and as you can imagine, there were many tasks to be done to keep this old farm in shape. The tasks were usually completed, but almost always at the expense of three or four sons. Those sons would be so worn out at the end of a project that they could hardly begin the next task. They began to become discouraged, but continued to keep trying to keep pace with the rigors of this big old farm.
Then one day, the aging patriarch called his sons to him and taking a previously prepared bundle of twigs from the ground, asked his sons to try to snap these sticks. Each, from the eldest to the youngest, put forth all of their strength, but the bundle resisted the efforts of each.

If your music program is operating without a booster organization, speak with your director to see how parents might be able to help that director with the non-specialized tasks. If your music program has a booster organization, find out about it. Start attending the meetings; help with the director’s workload. Your program will begin to flourish when you begin to help the director break those sticks one by one.

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Association of Music Parents Site Launches and it’s July 13

I don’t think that I have ever shared publically that my lucky/favorite number is 13. For those of you who have followed me on my blog at lscottmccormick.com, today I officially move that blog over to our new organization. AMP – the National Association of Music Parents. As I alluded to in my last blog post (way too long ago unfortunately) we were deep into the building of a business plan and model for our next great adventure. Well on May 1st that adventure became an Indiana not-for-profit corporation named the National Association of Music Parents. While that is the official corporate name, it is our intent to fly under the banner of AMP. It is a great metaphor for what we believe to be why we exist. The dictionary defines it as a; 1. sound-increasing apparatus and 2. Signal enhancer.

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