There are some things that can’t be replaced by a recording, slides, or even by good notes: face to face conversations with other music parents.

I find that in-person live events like these are really the very best part of an organization like AMP. Our live events are “where the rubber meets the road.”

PNO EKUTry as we might, we can’t quite duplicate the engagement and the energy in the room on our website or on social media. Last week at Eastern Kentucky, there were knots of people introducing themselves, or catching up. They compared challenges and victories. They shared tips and strategies. Each interaction made the rest of us stronger.

A few things we talked about at last week’s event:

  1. How you can get more by giving
  2. How being uncomfortable is a good thing
  3. Why you should double the size of your board
  4. How committees are killing your music booster organization
  5. The top 5 ways to gain support from your community
  6. How you’re probably in the same boat as over 2/3 of the music booster organizations we talked to

No worries, though. You can check it all out on the recording! It’s usually only accessible to our paid subscribers, but for the month of May, we’re opening it up to EVERYONE.

Often, it seems that each individual booster organization operates in its own silo: “This is what our organization needs to do for our kids. This is what we do because this is what has always been done.”

The thing is, that’s EXACTLY what everyone else is doing!

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Imagine taking the insights from music parents and booster groups across your region, your state, and across the nation, and implementing them in your own program.

Imagine the time and energy you’d save!

Imagine what you could achieve by working smarter, not harder.

Even within your own organization, sometimes knowledge doesn’t pass from one generation of music parents to the next, for whatever reason. Sadly, music parent vets often “retire” and take their hard-won experience with them off into the sunset.

It may feel like there’s no way to get the job done without reinventing the wheel.

What if that was no longer the case?

Imagine catching up in person with others who share the same responsibilities within their own booster groups. Just think of the jump in everyone’s productivity!

Joining together, even if just for an evening, makes all of us better. Stronger. More powerful.

We’re scheduling more of these events across the country. Would you like to bring us us to your town? Just email Scott at and we’ll see if we can make it happen.

We had a great time in Kentucky. Thanks to those who helped make it happen: Marsha Mourdock, Marc Whitt and the amazing young professionals of EKU’s Public Relations in the Performing Arts (PUB 415S). Thanks also to Miles Davis, John Richardson, and Carrie Ravenscraft at Miles Ahead Music.

And thanks especially to everyone who attended and participated. We appreciate you more than you could ever know.

We’re even better together. Just imagine what we can do!