Scott McCormickMusic education industry executive and founder of The National Association of Music Parents (AMP), L. Scott McCormick, has joined the production team of the documentary feature, Marching Beyond Halftime, announced the film’s producer/director Sara Flatow. McCormick has been named executive producer of the movie.

“Scott brings a wealth of expertise to our production team with more than 30 years of active involvement in music education and the music industry,” said Flatow. “He’s a well-respected professional having served as the long-time president of Bands of America and now as the founder and President of The National Association of Music Parents. We are most fortunate having Scott join us.”

In addition to serving as an advisor on the documentary’s educational and advocacy content, McCormick will oversee the production’s private funding. Along with his role as executive producer, McCormick has brought to the documentary’s national marketing efforts the support and partnership of The National Association of Music Parents, a nonprofit, charitable organization whose mission is to build a grassroots national movement that brings together all stakeholders of music education, defend the interests of music students, and ensure that music and the arts remain an integral discipline within the core education system in America. AMP will serve as the nonprofit fiscal agent for the film allowing people to make charitable contributions to the project.

Marching Beyond Halftime is a documentary feature film being created to show the benefits of music education, in particular band, in our schools. It is the nation’s first wide release documentary on this subject.

Carmel clar photo“Our goal is to showcase outstanding high school band programs in the United States and feature alumni from all walks of life that have benefitted from being in band,” said McCormick. “Production began in August 2014. Throughout the past year, we worked with the extraordinary Lake Brantley High School Band program in Altamonte Springs, Fl., and are now thrilled to introduce the two time national champion Carmel (Ind.) High School Band program to the mix. These award-winning band programs not only have graduated outstanding musicians, but many who have gone on to earn degrees in a multitude of academic disciplines, not just music.”

“We are also beginning Phase 2 of our production, which is to introduce audiences to prominent band alumni and tell their stories of how band has shaped their lives. We think this is key in showing how important music education is to our schools,” said McCormick.

Flatow said: “The experience working in band and ensembles combined with the extraordinary discipline developed through honing their musical craft enable students of music to see things in unique ways. Whether it is offering innovation in the medical field, solving global conflicts, or leading a Fortune 500 organization, the skills taught in music education tremendously impact our children, and through this, our society.

“By showing the success of individuals and groups who have been shaped through music in one way or another, our goal is to offer a voice for the children who are losing—or those who are about to lose—their critical music education. Our nation’s public school music education programs are under budgetary attack and we cannot allow this to happen. Our emerging Creative Economy demands people who can think creatively and communicate effectively. A vibrant, holistic education for our nation’s youth must include music. This documentary is committed to telling that vital story so that America’s citizenry and elected leaders, including those on our schools’ boards of education, will do all they can to support, not cut, music for our children.

About Sara Flatow
Sara Flatow lives in Los Angeles and works as a producer in Hollywood. For over 20 years, she has collaborated with some of the most prominent actors, directors, and producers to create short form documentaries and behind-the-scenes content for many popular shows including: Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder.
She is a graduate of the University of Florida where she was in the marching band, symphonic band and wind ensemble. She is also a member of Tau Beta Sigma, Who’s Who in Music and the Producers Guild of America.

For more about Flatow, the filmmaker, and to see samples of her work, please visit http://www.saraflatow.com.

For more about Marching Beyond Halftime or to make a contribution visit http://www.marchingbeyondhalftime.com