From running meetings, to filing for nonprofit status, find the documents to help get your parent group organized.

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Insurance umbrella imageLegal Risk, Would Your Booster Organization Be Protected?
You, as booster president, have been served; the document is very official with pages of legal jargon, John Doe, Plaintiff vs. Happy Valley High School Band Boosters, Defendant. What next? Will the school district provide a lawyer and pay any judgment? Can we as officers of the organization be held personally liable. We discovered our treasurer has embezzled $20,000, are we protected? All of these issues are important considerations for the leadership of any booster club. In our current litigious environment booster organizations across the country must develop strategies to protect themselves, and the assets of the group. So what can be done and how can the National Association of Music Parents (AMP) help? Read More

Rally the Troops

A video recording of a session from one of our parent symposium. David Vandewalker talks about getting the right people on the bus (in your organization) and in the right seats.

CSI Session #2 – Dr. David Vandewalker – Rally the Troops from MusicParents on Vimeo.

Ways to Buy a Band Uniform (87 kB)
It’s time to purchase new uniforms for your band or show choir.  Where do you start? Read this informative article to gain insight before getting started.

The director has asked you to head up the committee of parents who will feed the band through out the year.  Where do you start?  Check out this article and subsequent menus for a wealth of knowledge from a former food chairperson with more than 30 years experience in the food service industry.  Ann shares time saving tips and creative ways to stretch a dollar.

Ann Rodino, Former Food Chair and Booster President, Fishers H.S., IN

How to Feed a Hungry Band (162 kB)
Menu: First Football Game (159 kB)
Menu: Second Football Game (151 kB)
Menu: Third Football Game (156 kB)
Menu: Fourth Football Game (153 kB)
Menu: Regional Contest Day Lunch (153 kB)
Menu: Regional Contest Day Dinner (156 kB)  

Forms and Documents from Breaking the Bundle

A Guide to Organizing a Booster Organization.  These forms have been tried and proven through Marsha Mourdock’s tenure with the Pope H.S. Booster Program in Marietta, GA.

Download these forms from Breaking the Bundle and change them documents to fit your program’s individual needs and make them exclusively yours!


Breaking the Bundle! A Guide to Organizing a Booster Organization

Breaking the Bundle Introduction (203.89 kB)
This material is the introduction to detail of a well-tested booster program.  Use it as a base to organizing your own successful booster organization.  Marsha Mourdock, Pope H.S., GA

Stick One-Understanding the Structure (106.95 kB)
Chapter one explains the structure of an executive board of a booster organization.
Marsha Mourdock, Pope H.S., GA

Stick Two-Understanding Board Members Roles (302.42 kB
Chapter two provides detail of the roles and responsibilities of each executive board member.
Marsha Mourdock, Pope H.S., GA 

Stick Three – Understanding the Team Concept (381.69 kB)
Chapter three suggests a Team Concept verses a Committee Structure.  This article also includes a suggested organizational chart and sample team descriptions.  Marsha Mourdock, Pope H.S., GA

Stick Four-Understanding the Formation of Teams (150.42 kB)
It is vitally important to understand the unique talents of each volunteer and how they fit within each team. Marsha Mourdock, Pope H.S., GA

Stick Five-Understanding the Importance of Team Notebooks (132.07 kB)
With the team coordinator keeping the notebook up to date the first year of use, the book then becomes a timesaver, a resource, and a plan improve upon, etc. It makes succession of team coordinators smooth and much easier—a concept that will cause your members to be more willing to take on a position.
Marsha Mourdock, Pope H.S., GA

Stick Six-Build It; They Will Come (135.12 kB)
The last chapter, a review, in the series Breaking the Bundle! A Guide to Organizing a Booster Organization.
Marsha Mourdock, Pope H.S., GA 

Parent Contact/Volunteer Form (139.05 kB)
A sample form to gain parent contact information, areas of interest, and description of talents that parents possess. Marsha Mourdock, Pope H.S., GA

Team Notebook (537.95 kB)
This incredible resource has been developed to help the team coordinator be successful in planning and implementing an event.  Fifteen pages full of extremely helpful forms to adapt to your program that will help you utilize team members effectively who in turn will become more involved and unite the team!
Marsha Mourdock, Pope H.S. GA 


How to Structure an Effective Agenda (136.68 kB)
It helps to structure your agenda in a way that leads to the best outcome for your meeting.  Follow this easy guide to insure success.

Agenda Template (151.74 kB)
Download this template for use at your next booster meeting.

Sample Booster Agenda (129.91 kB)
Adding structure to your booster meeting will keep them on track.
Ann Rodino, Fishers H.S., IN

DRHS Sample Booster Agenda (396.49 kB)
Michele Merritt-Gardner, Damonte Ranch High School, NV


Organization Chart

Broken Arrow Parent Association Organization Chart (20.27 kB)
A diagram that shows the structure of the organization with the relationships and relative ranks of its positions. Broken Arrow Parent Association, OK

Job Descriptions (765.68 kB)
Over 35 detailed job descriptions in a parent organization.  Broken Arrow Parent Association, OK

Gift Policy

Gift Acceptance Policy Article (157.82 kB)
Many organizations do not consider their fundraising programs large enough to need a gift acceptance policy.  Read this article to educate yourself on what’s acceptable and what’s not.  Provided by Greenwalt CPAs, Inc.