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Step Up for the Franklin Band (Press Release)

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The Franklin Band in Tennessee launched a unique fundraiser in light of the great problem they have of a growing band and not enough uniforms. Read the following information provided to their circle of families and friends announcing their March on March Challenge. In AMP’s opinion, this is a great job of communications as well as a creative fundraiser we might all learn from.

  • Subject: March on March Challenge
  • Attention Frebel Family, Fans and Friends!
  • Step Up for the March On March Challenge: 31 Uniforms in 31 Days

We are launching an intensive and accelerated, day-to-day campaign beginning March 1st to solicit donations to build 31 complete, new marching band uniforms by the end of the month.

Share the illustrated flyer and accompanying press release with everyone you know by printing and distributing and/or posting on social media electronically. Tack up in the break room at work, stick on the bulletin board at church, take copies to your next civic club meeting, pass out to your best neighbors, and encourage your favorite business owners to give just a little or maybe a lot. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and many other digital outlets will cast an even larger net over your sphere of influence. This is no time to mark time. Let’s get this done in 31 days!

Tell stories of best performances, victorious competitions and the selfless acts of kindness and service to our community for which our band stands. Brag a little about our band kids and the achievements that they make academically and civically as the best students of Franklin High School. Let everyone know how pivotal The Franklin Band has been in creating outstanding citizens and community leaders that have left a legacy.

Go head to toe to get each piece of the uniform, from $20 for a plume to $170 for a jacket, from $50 for a Shako to $60 for the bibbers. Suggest they choose the element(s) they wish to provide or inspire them to donate $370 for a complete uniform. If we can get one each of the six elements of the uniform secured every day, we will have 31 new uniforms by March 31st!

This is a vital fundraising program for our band this season as this is an extraordinary expense that is beyond the scope of our budget. We need everyone to do their part to piece together these additional uniforms by reaching out to those we know that will care about the success of our band. 11×17 Posters are available. Canvas the city!

MAKE IT SO The Franklin Band will have all the uniforms they need for their first performance in August.

Read and download full Press Release & Flyer (Requires AMP Membership)

Thanks So Mulch! Vandegrift Has This Fundraiser in the Bag

Vandegrift Mulch Fundraiser (146.03 kB)
Capitalizing on how many homeowners maintain their property each year, the Vandegrift High School Band Boosters created a mulch sale.  In two short years they have become known as the place to buy mulch in their town while creating a large return on investment!

The Secret to Broken Arrow’s Runaway Profits: How You Too Can Host a 5K for Fun and Profit (1.51 MB)
Meet Joe Kesterson, Broken Arrow’s Parent Association’s VP of Special Events, as he shares how to recreate this fundraising tool for your organization.  This invaluable six page article walks you through the process from beginning to end.


Tips to Increase Fundraising Sales (231.34 kB)
Increase student participation and increase sales!  Ten easy-to-read tips to freshen your fundraising efforts.

Creative Fundraising Programs

FOLLOWERship+LEADERship Workshop (631.25 kB)
Fran Kick has a unique way for your booster program to host a collaborative, regional workshop to give your entire program the opportunity to KICK IT IN (both motivationally and financially) while at the same time inspire students to TAKE THE LEAD! Find out how you can bring this nationally-recognized leadership speaker, facilitator and author to your area.

A one-day event that can generate funds for your program AND teach all your students about the followership + leadership dynamic.

Overview (

Arts on River Invite 2011-12 (332.87 kB)
This is an annual fundraising evening for the entirety of the Arts programs at a local junior high school. The school promotes the event community wide and through the school community itself. It is held on a Friday evening from 6:30-9:00pm at the school with a general admission ticket of $5.00. Art in Action rooms and desserts are complimentary. Below is copy from some of the promotion for the event that might spark an idea for another creative, low cost, high yield fundraiser!

Arts on the River is an evening of energy and creativity that celebrates the fine arts talents of the students at Riverside Junior High! Experience all that the Riverside Junior High Arts Departments have to offer! Duets & soloists from Band, Orchestra, & Choir; a concert by the RJH Jazz Band; performances from the Drama Department, poetry reading and Readers Theatre performances by students from the Language Arts department; food and more contributed by students from Family & Consumer Science Classes! You will have a chance to show off your artistic talents in the Art in Action rooms and enjoy many fine works of art created by RJH students in the Art Gallery. A silent auction with over 25 items generously donated from local businesses will be up for bidding between 6:30-8:30pm.

The band, orchestra, and choir are hard at work rehearsing for their performances. Plans for exciting Art in Action rooms are being made where you can create your own art including: Chihuly inspired art, wire sculptures, pottery making, wooden game building, and cookie decorating! “Palate Your Plate” with the new food pyramid, learn 3D origami, have your caricature drawn, and get moving with an active art form in the gym! Drop in to the Media Center to “Walk the Streets of Our Town” with the historic house projects from Mr. Jackson’s History classes, enjoy poetry readings and adaptations from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and try reading from a teleprompter and using a green screen in the RTV studio. There’s something for everyone!

Recycle Day

Recycle Day (139.75 kB)
Recycle Day Flyer (785.94 kB)
Would your school music program like to raise over $10,000 in one day?  Recycle Day is a “Win-Win-Win” for the band, the community, and the environment!  Thousands of gallons of paint and thousands of pounds of metal and electronics will never find their way to a landfill to pollute our environment as a result of this endeavor.  This event is strategically held in January each year to capitalize on families disposing of their end or year paperwork.  Brad Roberts, Pope Band Booster, 2012

As funding for the arts in schools has become more strained, it is now time to look beyond the music booster family to find support for the organization.  This article will challenge your thinking on traditional fundraising.  Two fundraising opportunities are presented that invite the community to join in support of the arts.  Jennifer Riley Simone, Publicity Committee Chair, Carmel Band Boosters, 2011

Policies and Procedures

“School music groups’ fund-raising efforts, especially at the high school level, seem to grow each year. Fund-raising can demand inordinate amounts of time and effort from music teachers, their students and the students’ parents. Sometimes valuable instruction time is lost. If fund-raising activities benefit only one segment of the school music program, then other facets of that school’s music program may suffer or be ignored. If not managed carefully, fund-raising activities may result in a loss of regular curricular budget funds and cause music to be classified as an “extracurricular activity” and therefore not eligible for school budget support.

If the music educator has a group of parents that periodically or regularly collect money or raise funds, the group should be officially recognized and endorsed by the school’s administration. Also, the booster organization should be incorporated under that state’s not-for-profit laws.” Taken from the Fund-Raising Position Statement below.

Fund-Raising Position Statement (54.3 kB)
Excerpted from MENC, 2003

Gift Acceptance Policy Article (157.82 kB)
Many organizations do not consider their fundraising programs large enough to need a gift acceptance policy. Read on to educate yourself on what’s appropriate and what’s not.  Policy article supplied by Greenwalt CPAs, Inc.


Partnership Program, Broken Arrow H.S. Band, OK (810.51 kB)
Brochure to promote the Broken Arrow Bands through corporate sponsorship and charitable giving. An overview of the bands and events are highlighted with specific detail of sponsorship options. Full color, tri-fold brochure, 8 1/2″ x 11″.

Fishers Invitational Letter 2012 (996.17 kB)
A letter from the president of the band booster organization announcing the upcoming invitational, describing the program, and asking for financial support.

Fishers Invitational Sponsorship Levels 2012 (3.63 MB)
A flyer created to provide potential sponsors detailed information of advertising levels available and the benefits associated with each level. This flyer is to be attached to the letter above from the band booster president.