Meeting flyers, programs for concerts, newsletter templates, items for communication with families, publicizing your events

There is evidence we remember only 10% of what we hear and 24% of what we see, but when people become physically involved in what they are doing memory increases to 80%!!  Try not only speaking the information you wish to get across, but providing it in written form, along with finding a creative way for physical involvement and see the success of your program skyrocket!

Based on these statistics, it seems we need to do more than talk about the benefits of music education. What if every communication from your music program took advantage of the space provided to highlight a music fact or two?  How about if a concert program utilized some of the resources below to include etiquette tips or music facts.  These small steps are the beginning of advocating for your school music program.

Featured Article

  • MS Concert Band Program Booklet (265.22 kB
    An incredible example of fully utilizing a concert program to communicate the importance of music through highlighting music education facts, letters from administration, a concert etiquette quiz, and all contact information for the complete range of music programs within the district. Kathleen Heuer, 2012

Pre-Concert Presentation

Download The Presentation: Quicktime File (9.4 MB), Apple Keynote File (11.6 MB)
This is the perfect scrolling presentation to play prior to a concert or during intermission.  Take advantage of this precious time to educate the audience on the value of music education.
Andrew Spang, Music Advocates of Carroll County, MD

Press Releases

Step Up for the Franklin Band (Press Release)

Read and download full Press Release & Flyer (Requires AMP Membership)

The Franklin Band in Tennessee launched a unique fundraiser in light of the great problem they have of a growing band and not enough uniforms. Read the following information provided to their circle of families and friends announcing their March on March Challenge. In AMP’s opinion, this is a great job of communications as well as a creative fundraiser we might all learn from.

  • Subject: March on March Challenge
  • Attention Frebel Family, Fans and Friends!
  • Step Up for the March On March Challenge: 31 Uniforms in 31 Days

We are launching an intensive and accelerated, day-to-day campaign beginning March 1st to solicit donations to build 31 complete, new marching band uniforms by the end of the month.

Share the illustrated flyer and accompanying press release with everyone you know by printing and distributing and/or posting on social media electronically. Tack up in the break room at work, stick on the bulletin board at church, take copies to your next civic club meeting, pass out to your best neighbors, and encourage your favorite business owners to give just a little or maybe a lot. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and many other digital outlets will cast an even larger net over your sphere of influence. This is no time to mark time. Let’s get this done in 31 days!

Tell stories of best performances, victorious competitions and the selfless acts of kindness and service to our community for which our band stands. Brag a little about our band kids and the achievements that they make academically and civically as the best students of Franklin High School. Let everyone know how pivotal The Franklin Band has been in creating outstanding citizens and community leaders that have left a legacy.

Go head to toe to get each piece of the uniform, from $20 for a plume to $170 for a jacket, from $50 for a Shako to $60 for the bibbers. Suggest they choose the element(s) they wish to provide or inspire them to donate $370 for a complete uniform. If we can get one each of the six elements of the uniform secured every day, we will have 31 new uniforms by March 31st!

This is a vital fundraising program for our band this season as this is an extraordinary expense that is beyond the scope of our budget. We need everyone to do their part to piece together these additional uniforms by reaching out to those we know that will care about the success of our band. 11×17 Posters are available. Canvas the city!

MAKE IT SO The Franklin Band will have all the uniforms they need for their first performance in August.

Read and download full Press Release & Flyer (Requires AMP Membership)


  • Using Statistics to Your Programs Advantage (1.48 MB)
    “My student can’t be in band because they need to make sure that they are prepared in their core courses for college.” “I didn’t sign up for marching band/band because of the time commitment. I didn’t want my grades to suffer.”Every band director has heard some variation of the above statements from parents or students rationalizing a choice to participate in our activity. We have also all noticed a trend on both the state and national level towards needing statistical proof for every choice made involving staffing, funding, and even the necessity of even having arts programs in our schools. How can you make this numbers driven approach to analyzing the worth of your program work FOR you instead of constantly fighting the battle AGAINST it.      Chris Kreke, Associate Director of Bands Carmel, H.S., IN 2011
  • Requiring Volunteerism in a Booster Organization (228.76 kB)
    The purpose behind requiring parents to volunteer is about building a sense of community and holding the parents to the same high level of expectation as the students.  Choosing to charge a fee for not volunteering is one option.  You’d be surprised at the results – the obvious and not so obvious!
    Lisa Harbour, President – Carmel Band Boosters, IN 2011
  • Effective Board Communication with Your Director (145.21 kB)
    Many programs across the country struggle with effective communication between the executive board and director.  This article details steps to establish frequent, effective, two-way communication help to produce a successful program.  Lisa Harbour, President – Carmel Band Boosters, IN  2012

Concert Program

A concert program is a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of the space provided to not only highlight the performance titles and student’s names, but to educate and advocate to a captive audience about the importance of music education.

  • Concert Program Template (1.93 MB)
    This elegant program downloads in an editable format that includes music education facts, concert etiquette tips, thank you’s to parents and administration. Four page, black & white with color option for cover.
    Also available as single legal size paper, 8 1/2″ x 14″, tri-fold with color option.
  • Music Ed Facts Concert Program (140.13 kB)
    A cross section of music education facts representing the benefits studying music serves a child in education, character development, cognitive development, and economics.  Pull from this easy to use list when creating your concert program, or insert it in it’s entirety into a program.

Concert Etiquette

A concert is a formal event, even if held in the school’s gymnasium.  A lot of preparation is involved by the teachers and students to make it enjoyable for the audience and performers.  Please see the documents below to help make each concert a memorable and rewarding experience for your child. There is even a fun quiz, provided by MENC,  to pass out at your next concert to help educate others.

Concert Etiquette Download Includes:

  • Concert Etiquette-Adults (122.45 kB)
  • Concert Etiquette-Students (182.2 kB)
  • Concert Etiquette-Quiz (59.66 kB)

Concert Materials

Concert Invitations

In this day and age of electronic mail, a personal letter mailed to each individual inviting them to attend a specific concert stands out.  These invites have an embedded pro-advocacy message.

Concert Invitations Download Includes

New Member Information

Tools to recruit and communicate with incoming freshman students and their parents. Everyone is wondering “What is the commitment to instrumental music in high school?” Take a look at the following articles to help guide your program. Mold and shape them to your program’s characteristics.

  • Basic Information for New Pride Members (248.5 kB)
    This article communicates expectations in fine detail starting with summer camp, practice, and moving on to the uniform, competitions, payment plan, volunteering, and miscellaneous tips. Broken Arrow Parent Association, OK 2011
  • Broken Arrow Parent Organization FAQ (278.92 kB)
    All the questions parents want answers for but were afraid to ask. Who chaperones? Who pays for uniforms? What is a student account? What kind of time commitment is marching band? When are the Band Parent meetings? Answers to these questions and more! Broken Arrow Parent Association, OK 2011

Promotional Pieces

Brochures and Flyers to promote your program, whether that be internally to younger student musicians or externally to advocate or gain sponsorship.

  • Fishers Invite Letter 2012 (996.17 kB) A letter from the president of the band booster organization announcing the upcoming invitational, describing the program, and asking for support.
  • Fishers Invitational Sponsorship Levels 2012 (3.63 MB)
    A flyer created to provide potential sponsors detailed information of advertising levels available and the benefits associated with each level. This flyer is to be attached to the letter above from the band booster president
  • Band Promo Brochure, Center Grove H.S.
    This piece highlights all the band activities at the high school level.  This could be used to improve retention rates between middle/junior high school and high school, an advocacy tool within the community, or an add-on to sponsorship information. Full color, tri-fold brochure, 8 1/2″ x 14″.