“School music groups’ fund-raising efforts, especially at the high school level, seem to grow each year. Fund-raising can demand inordinate amounts of time and effort from music teachers, their students and the students’ parents. Sometimes valuable instruction time is lost. If fund-raising activities benefit only one segment of the school music program, then other facets of that school’s music program may suffer or be ignored. If not managed carefully, fund-raising activities may result in a loss of regular curricular budget funds and cause music to be classified as an “extracurricular activity” and therefore not eligible for school budget support.

If the music educator has a group of parents that periodically or regularly collect money or raise funds, the group should be officially recognized and endorsed by the school’s administration. Also, the booster organization should be incorporated under that state’s not-for-profit laws.” Taken from the Fund-Raising Position Statement below.

Fund-Raising Position Statement (54.3 kB)
Excerpted from MENC, 2003