Lisa’s neighborhood is near the school. These are the people who get to hear the band rehearse every evening if the wind is right. Starting in August, she put out a call for “volunteers” (if you were going to Ireland, you were expected to show up!). With scripts, fliers, maps and plenty of water, kids and parents walked the neighborhood in a carefully planned and executed canvassing effort. Anything you had to donate was fine: Televisions, furniture, entertainment centers, tables, lamps, computers, clothing, beds, appliances, games, toys, jewelry, etc.

It took several efforts to cover the entire neighborhood. There were approximately six calls for volunteers over the following weeks. By this time, Lisa’s garage was full of “junk”. Her house was full. The donated trailer was full. It was time for a sale.

Again, a call for volunteers to sort and set up on Friday night. Volunteers were needed to work the sale last Saturday starting at 6 AM. Everything was ready. Would anyone show up and buy?

They did.

When the dust settled, the rummage sale made almost $10,000 (including some tax credits for good measure)