A Look at a Few Large Scale Successes

AMP Webinar

Guests include:

  • PJ Littleton, VP of Fundraising at Franklin High School, Franklin, TN
  • David Aydelott, Director of Bands, Franklin High School, Franklin, TN
  • Ian Barrett, President-Elect, Ravenwood High School Band Boosters, Brentwood, TN

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This webinar took a look at a few large scale fundraising successes from AMP member programs in the Nashville area.

We are thrilled to welcome as guest presenters, PJ Littleton, vice-president fundraising and 2012 recipient of the Patrick John Hughes Parent/Booster Award, David Aydelott, Director of Bands at Franklin High School and Ian Barrett, President-Elect and coordinator for the “American Flag Program” fundraiser at the Ravenwood High School Band Boosters, Brentwood, TN.

flag fundraiser 1This webinar showcases a successful truck raffle and the U.S. Flag Program fundraiser that benefits many of the programs in Williamson County as well as looking at how this and other successful fundraisers are achieved through a strategic approach to fundraising. The U.S. Flag fundraiser has provided a number of groups in excess of $40,000 annnually!