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One of the most critical aspects of a music boosters organization is leadership development. How do you spot potential leaders? How can you develop them to become officers? How do you maintain consistent leadership year after year? Do you assign leaders-in-development with a parent mentor? How can your music boosters and director sleep at night knowing effective leadership will be in place?

Marc Profile_PicYou are invited to join us for an informative and insightful evening as a panel of music parent leaders offer several excellent, useful tips that will benefit your band, choir or orchestra parents organization. The panel will be moderated by Marc Whitt, former booster president and current digital marketing and public relations manager for AMP and include Beth Potter, president of the Lafayette Band Association, KY, Lori Aguirre, president of the Savanna Band and Pageantry Booster Organization, CA and Barry Morgan, former booster president, former band director and current Solicitor General for Cobb County, GA.

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