Monday, September 15, 2014 – 7:00-8:30pm

Does your music program struggle to recruit adequate numbers of volunteers? Is fundraising a challenge? Are there times when your communication might be better? Well you are not alone. In fact most of us deal with these and many more issues within the ranks of our music parents or booster organizations.

The Association of Music Parents is excited to announce we will be in the Nashville area next Monday evening with a Music Parent Event. This event will be held at Ravenwood High School on Monday evening, September 15, 2014. Our hopes are to engage all interested music boosters and parents to participate in this event. There is so much we can learn from one another! Our student’s music education is important. If you are receiving this invitation, YOU KNOW the value your child has received due to being a part of your school’s music program.

Come, meet other like-minded parents to share what you know, and learn valuable information to enhance your own program. We are all working toward a common goal, and it’s nice to meet others who share our passion and desire. We believe this informational presentation will be great support tool to you and your organizations.

Topics of discussion include fundraising, volunteering, advocacy, and communication, among others. Even the best among us don’t have everything figured out, it’s amazing what you can learn when brainstorming and sharing begins.

This event is FREE, sponsored by AMP and hosted by the Ravenwood Band Boosters. It only requires a commitment of your time, and we know this is one of the most valuable resources! We hope we will see you next Monday! There is even a place on the registration form to include your questions and challenges.

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