Today’s guest post is by James Lund of MakeMusic Inc.


Don’t panic! This is a great step toward increasing your child’s engagement with music-making, interacting with great practice software, and guiding your child to efficient practice habits that are also fun. We’ve worked hard over the years to turn SmartMusic into a great addition to student learning, and have thrown in some really cool music, too – I’m guessing you’ll find the Harry Potter music pretty quickly. There’s not much to the process if your school is recommending SmartMusic, either.

SmartMusic screenshot1

  1. Check it out at We’ve put up some great videos that show the software in action and you can get an idea of how it will work in your home.
  2. Try it out! It doesn’t cost much ($3 a month – and a custom-tested SmartMusic microphone).
  3. Practice scales with fun accompaniments, practice tricky measures over and over, or go exploring for music your kids will enjoy.
  4. If your school uses SmartMusic to distribute assignments, it’s a fast process handled directly inside the software. You’ll only need an email address and a few minutes to attach to your child’s class, then they can get started right away.

If you run into any problems getting up and running, we’ve got a great team of musicians and former teachers available through our Customer Support website at or by phone at (866) 243-2166. From buying to technical problems you might encounter when trying to get that homework done at the last minute, they’ve got your answers!

Headshot_JamesLund sqAbout the author: James Lund is the SmartMusic Technical Product Manager at MakeMusic, Inc. (makers of SmartMusic and Finale), and a trumpet player.”