Inspired by Halloween this week and this piece brought to our attention by AMPassador Maria Dripps-Paulson, we bring you a sampling of musicians’ worst nightmares. Got any to add? Leave us a comment!

guitarist’s worst nightmare

Guitar crushed in airport freight elevator

High School Marching band’s worst nightmare

I came across this local news story detailing a Florida high school marching band’s WORST away football game EVER. While the original story is now behind a paywall, here’s the rundown:

  1. The air conditioning failed on half the band’s buses (2 of 4).
  2. The equipment truck broke down and never made it to the game.
  3. The band’s water (hydration) was on that equipment truck.
  4. A student succumbed to heat exhaustion.
  5. In the words of the principal, “The emotional impact started to spread, and some of the band members started hyperventilating and got really worked up. That exacerbated some of the issues.” #dramaiscontagious
  6. Four ambulances (some of which made multiple trips), three fire units, two EMS officials and a partridge in a pear tree were called.
  7. “The…symptoms the students exhibited could have been either heat exhaustion or carbon monoxide poisoning,” the fire chief said. “By the time we could get to the point that we could check the bus, (the bus company) had already sent the buses back without anybody on them. We had no way to test the bus.” #busproblems
  8. One of the ambulances got stuck in the sand. #ambulanceproblems
  9. A tow truck was called to rescue the ambulance.
  10. One band member was treated for heat exhaustion and approximately a dozen others also were transported to a local hospital.

No word on whether they had enough students left to perform at halftime. #bandproblems

Woodwind’s worst nightmare: In a word? MAGGOTS.
Moral of the story? Change your reed! (Get a free one here while supplies last.)
Thanks to Donna Schwartz for this important public service announcement.

Juno Image

Brass player’s worst nightmare: Trombone lung (it is too a thing!)

trombone lung

Touring rock band’s worst nightmare

Violin player’s worst nightmare
Violin E String Broken

Percussionist’s worst nightmarerobot drummer

Are there any we need to add? Tell us in the comments. And Happy Halloween!