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Gosling’s Original ChopSaver Lip Care SPF 15, a musician-invented, all-natural lip balm, will debut at CVS Pharmacy today after a decade of the cult brand enjoying a loyal following among those in the music industry.

The product is set to hit the shelves of all 7,432 CVS Pharmacy locations.

The musician-preferred, doctor-recommended lip balm is known for its soft feel and fragrance, along with all-natural ingredients that hit a high note in the lip balm industry. ChopSaver SPF 15 with broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection acts as both a preventative measure for sunburn and soothing remedy for chapped lips, providing immediate relief and faster recovery time. The formula is recommended for summer and winter sports, marching band happenings and outdoor activities.

Dan Gosling, a professional trumpet player turned lip balm entrepreneur, created ChopSaver in his kitchen in 2004 using arnica, a sunflower extract and natural anti-inflammatory known for reducing bruising and swelling.

The home brew gained a devoted following from musicians who, like Gosling, sought relief from wear and tear from mouthpiece pressure from brass and wind instruments.

“I knew the product had to be radically different and dramatically better if I was going to compete with brands that have been around for decades and have multi-billion dollar companies behind them,” said Gosling. “Using arnica, I set out to create the best lip balm on the market.”

The recipe combines the key ingredient of arnica with other all-natural ingredients including shea butter, mango butter, avocado oil, aloe, citrus oils and grapeseed oil – a symphony of ingredients all known for their soothing qualities. Doctors throughout the country recommend the lip balm to patients who suffer from chronic chapped lips.

Beyond CVS Pharmacy, ChopSaver is also sold in approximately 1,200 stores including New York drug store chain Kinney Drugs, Midwest retail food chain Kroger and dermatology offices and music stores throughout the country.

Gosling’s Original currently includes two products, ChopSaver 100% Natural and ChopSaver SPF 15. It plans to expand into new products in the future.

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