IMG_5315Scott SpeakingWhether you are a teacher needing assistance in setting up or working with an existing booster organization or an existing organization needing some coaching or wanting to go to the next level, AMP can provide consulting services both on site and virtually over the web.

Here are some of the area’s and topics we are able to help with:

Organizational Assessment – We will facilitate a process to identify what is working well and any barriers to effectiveness.

Strategic Thinking and Planning – AMP consultant will work to bring all key stakeholders together to plan and take action on achieving your organizational goals.*

Best Practice Sharing – Through years of working with successful parent groups and educators, we are able to provide best practices that will strengthen your effectiveness as an organization.*

Nonprofit Formation and Structure – From state filings, establishing bylaws, setting up your nonprofit corporation and more.

If you are interested in finding out more please complete the form below. Be sure to include any dates you are considering and type of consulting/coaching you are interested in.

*Fundraising falls within each of these areas.

AMP group members are eligible for a discount on these services.

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