By Ann Rodino, Former Food Chair and Booster President, Fishers H.S., IN

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170 marchers
Ordered food for 200


Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwiches
Apple slices
Vegetable Tray
Chips Ahoy
PB&J available



Purchased 225 roast beef sandwiches at $1.25. Worked with manager (Teresa) at SR37 location to get this price…she just went a little light on the meat and there was plenty on there. Otherwise, she would have had to charge us $1.67/sandwich. Had to cut the sandwiches in half for seconds, but it worked out fine and no one starved to death! Since we were traveling to Lucas Oil for the football game, we had several equipment dads come in to eat that I hadn’t planned on…it was more like a competition day than a football game day.



Asked for 4 50-ct cases from parents. Received all 200.
Had a few left; didn’t offer seconds..


Apple Slices:

Asked for 7 3-pound bags, based on last year’s meal when we asked for 10 bags and that was too many. We ran out and had to get applesauce cups out of the booster cage! Ask for 10 3-pound bags next time and use leftovers later if necessary!

Vegetable Tray:

Asked for donations of 3 vegetable trays from Sam’s. Actual donation came from Costco, but looked to be similar. Set out our own bottles of ranch dressing. Had tons of broccoli leftover. I wouldn’t do this again…too much waste. Stick with carrots and ranch dressing.


Chips Ahoy:

Had leftover Chips Ahoy from band camp. Took enough out for 200 people to have 3 cookies each.  Had a few leftover; did not offer seconds.

Download Document Menu Third Football Game (156 kB)