By Ann Rodino, Former Food Chair and Booster President, Fishers H.S., IN

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170 marchers
Ordered food for 200


Steak n Shake steakburgers
Carrots with Ranch dressing
Frozen Grapes
PB&J available



Donation! Received a donation of 250 steakburgers plain. Cheese and condiments on the side. We threw out almost all of the donated lettuce, tomato, and onion. Kept the pickles to put out at future meals. For donations for next year, I recommend telling them we don’t need the lettuce, tomato, or onion. Also received ketchup, mustard, and mayo.


Had 4 50-ct trays of chips left from band camp. Had about 20 left after the meal. (Pulled these and did not offer seconds.)

Carrots w/ Ranch:

Asked for 15 pounds, had a little left over and used 2 bottles of Ranch left from band camp.
Would ask for same amount again

Frozen Grapes:

Still about 20 pounds of grapes left over from band camp/first meal. Asked for an additional 10 pounds.
Used them all


Purchased 8 trays of Pillsbury brand brownies from Sam’s Club bakery. Cut each tray into 24 pieces. (Pulled these and did not offer seconds.)
Would ask for same amount next year

 Download Document Menu Second Football Game (151 kB)