by Ann Rodino, Former Food Chair and Booster President, Fishers H.S., IN

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170 marchers
Food for 215

Served this meal at the high school after practice

Chili/Cheese Dogs
Carrots w/Ranch Dressing
Rice Krispie Treats
PB&J Available


Chili/Cheese Dogs:

Based on what we served at band camp, I purchased 240 hot dogs and used 80 that were left (stored frozen) from Invitational. They didn’t eat as many as during band camp, although I think this is a very favorite meal. Nerves maybe? Lots left over. If you do this meal again, I would purchase 270 hot dogs (and buns). Purchased 2 cans of chili from Sam’s (used 1 ½ cans) and 2 cans of nacho cheese (only used 1 can)



Parent Donation. Had 200 chips with just a few leftover.


Carrots w/Ranch:

Purchased 16 pounds of carrots, knowing that if it was too much, we would use them in 4 days for the Riverside meal. Had 2 pounds left. Used about ½ bottle of Ranch dressing (big one from Sam’s)


Rice Krispie Treats:

Donation of 200 rice krispie treats (small size of .78oz). Did not serve seconds and had about 25 leftover.


Download Document Menu Regional Contest Day Lunch (153 kB)