By Ann Rodino, Former Food Chair and Booster President, Fishers H.S., IN

Download Document Menu Fourth Football Game (153 kB)

170 marchers
Ordered food for 200


McDonald’s McChicken Sandwiches
Apple slices
Baked Beans
Rice Krispie Treats
PB&J available



Donation. Received 250 plain McChicken sandwiches. McDonald’s supplied mayo packets. We had leftover ketchup packets from our Invitational. Continued to use up pickles left from Steak n Shake donation. All sandwiches eaten



Had chips left from our Invitational, so no purchase by us or donation by parents.Had some of them left after this meal; approximately 60. Did not offer seconds.


Baked Beans:

Purchased 3 large cans from Sam’s Club. Put them in roaster at my house at noon; left for school at 2:00. Drained liquid from one of the cans; should have drained liquid from two of them. Covered the roaster pan with extra-wide heavy-duty foil before placing lid on top. If you don’t put the foil on there, too much evaporation and stuff dries out.  Had some leftover but was right amount to purchase.


Apple slices:

Asked for donations of 10 3-pound bags of apples. Had only 4 apples left!


Rice Krispie Treats:

Boosters purchased 8 24-ct boxes from Sam’s Club.  Had a few leftover; did not offer seconds. Can use the leftovers at onsite competition meal.

Download Document Menu Fourth Football Game (153 kB)