by Ann Rodino, Former Food Chair and Booster President, Fishers H.S., IN

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171 marchers
Ordered food for 200

Little Caesar’s Pizza
Texas Roadhouse Tossed Salad
Texas Roadhouse Rolls
Carrots with Ranch dressing
Frozen Grapes
Penn Station Choc. Chunk Cookies
PB&J available


Ordered 20 cheese, 18 pepperoni, and 16 sausage.
Surprisingly, this was too much; over-ordered by about 10 pizzas.

Tossed Salad and Rolls:

Asked for salad (and dressing) for 150 and rolls for 200. Next time ask for salad for 100; had some leftover rolls


Carrots w/ Ranch:

Asked for 15 pounds, had a little left over and used 2 bottles of Ranch left from band camp
Would ask for same amount again


Frozen Grapes:

We had frozen grapes left from band camp that we wanted to use so we went with grapes for this meal instead of watermelon. Making a rough guess of 15 pounds of leftover grapes, we asked for 20 more pounds. But at the end of the meal we still had close to 20 pounds left, so I think I was off on my estimate of what was in Angela’s freezer!


Penn Station Choc. Chunk Cookies:

Asked for 400 cookies; picked them up from three different Penn Station’s Friday morning. These cookies were a hit! Perfect amount

 Download Document Menu: First Football Game (154 kB)