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AMP: The Association of Music Parents in concert with our team of passionate music advocates, educators and musicians (ok… band geeks) are in the final push to raise the remaining funds needed to complete Marching Beyond Halftime, the nation’s first documentary feature film touting the critical need to support music programs in our schools.

May we count on your support? Have you or a member of your family benefited from being in a school band, choir or orchestra?

If so, we ask you to join us in this crowdfunded initiative to fund the film.

Consider putting together your own team together and qualify for some of over $50,000 in prizes available to your program to win. If your team raises $2500.00 or more, you are eligible to win. The Sweepstakes drawing is now scheduled to occur on May 22nd, so don’t delay!
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“Do you believe in the power of music education?

If you or any of your children or grandchildren have been fortunate enough to be part of a marching ensemble, then I know you believe.

If you’ve lived it or even witnessed the life-changing experience that being a part of a marching band is, then I know you believe.

It’s hard to explain to others what a soul-stirring, affirming experience this can be for kids, especially in the formative, tough teenage years. This important documentary film will explain it to others, for us “believers”.

Carmel High School has been chosen to be one of the featured bands in this critical project, Marching Beyond Halftime. That’s such a great honor and experience, but I would whole-heartedly support this film regardless of the groups involved. Because I’m a believer.

As school funding for art & music education is being cut across the country, the help of ALL BELIEVERS is needed to fund the completion of this film. The finished product needs to be in the hands of all law-makers to help them understand what the believers already know. That’s the goal.
Every single donation counts……

Are you a believer?”

– Heather Timmons, Carmel High School Band Boosters, Indiana

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Marching Beyond Halftime is a documentary feature film being created to show the benefits of music education, in particular band, in our schools. It is the nation’s first wide release documentary on this subject.

The goal of this movie is to showcase outstanding high school band programs in the United States and feature alumni from all walks of life that have benefitted from being in band. Production began in August 2014.

We have been working very hard behind the scenes this past year to move the film forward. While we have made significant progress, we still have some things to accomplish to complete the film at the level that we want to make it.

In 2016, we met some incredible band alumni who we are going to feature in the film. We went to Vancouver in February to sit down with actress and director Jennifer Morrison, from ABC’s Once Upon A Time and previously on Fox’s hit show House. Jennifer talked about literally growing up in band, as her dad was an award-winning band director. She also talked about how she uses her band skills every day in her career. She told us a story about how she and fellow musician and actor Hugh Laurie used to approach their scenes together as if they were musical compositions. It was really fascinating and I can’t wait for you to see it!

We met many other prominent alumni that we hope to go and interview and get their stories on camera including Captain Winston Scott who is a retired United States Navy Captain and former NASA astronaut who flew on 2 space shuttle missions. Captain Scott is a trumpet player and has a music degree from Florida State University. He now teaches aeronautical engineering and is the director of Jazz Studies at Florida Institute of Technology. He credits being in band with literally helping him reach the stars!

Filmmaker Flatow said; “By showing the success of individuals and groups who have been shaped through music in one way or another, our goal is to offer a voice for the children who are losing—or those who are about to lose—their critical music education. Our nation’s public school music education programs are under budgetary attack and we cannot allow this to happen. Our emerging Creative Economy demands people who can think creatively and communicate effectively. A vibrant, holistic education for our nation’s youth must include music. This documentary is committed to telling that vital story so that America’s citizenry and elected leaders, including those on our schools’ boards of education, will do all they can to support, not cut, music for our children.”

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We wanted to support the Marching Beyond Halftime movie because we recognize the importance of instrumental and vocal music programs to our kids. We are blessed to have our kids in a high school with an administration which strongly supports performing arts, but many families are not so lucky. That’s why this movie is so important to us. It will help build awareness across the country of the social and cognitive benefits of music education for kids of any demographic. It is our hope that with our support, and that of others, the movie will achieve its goal of reversing budget cuts to music programs we and our kids feel are so important.

– Kent Micho, Arvada West High School Music Boosters, Colorado