Marc Whitt Joins AMP as its new Digital Marketing/PR Manager

By Marc C. Whitt


Music is about family. From my earliest experiences as a child watching my band director dad lead “his kids” to musical excellence to my years as an involved music parent, I have been blessed to develop and maintain deep, abiding relationships with many people who have had anything to do with my own music educational journey, including my four years as a member of the university marching band, symphonic band, university singers and concert choir.

As I scroll through my Facebook friends I’m often amazed how many of them became friends because of music.

Several of those friendships began when we played or sang together. Others became dear parent friends as we enjoyed those hot, humid marching band competition days as “pit dads.” Still many were sparked as we sat together in a concert hall proudly watching our children perform at their finest.

Regardless of how we met, these dear friends throughout the years have become a part of my musical family—and I wouldn’t trade them nor the memories for all the world’s riches.

Beginning today, I’m now part of an even larger musical family—those who belong to the National Association of Music Parents and I couldn’t be any more excited!

AMP serves a critical need among our music parents, music programs and school systems. It trains parent leaders. It advocates for music in our schools. It mentors the parent of a beginning music student who has no idea where to receive “music parent coaching.” It offers encouragement to music parent organizations when encouragement is needed. It pulls together music directors, school administrators and music parents as we work side by side for the betterment of our children’s education. It serves as home to supporters of music education who need a warm, welcoming place to go.

I thank AMP President/CEO Scott McCormick for allowing me to serve him and AMP in this capacity. My “Public Relations in the Performing Arts” class at Eastern Kentucky University worked with Scott all last academic year. They, like me, were impressed by the Mt. Everest-sized potential AMP has as an organization. Nowhere else can you find a nonprofit organization like AMP as it elevates music parent organizations, school music programs and local communities. It’s easy to get excited and become involved in an organization like this whenever you have a leader like Scott McCormick. (Thanks again, Scott!)

And to Kathleen Heuer—such a dear lady and consummate professional! Filling her shoes in this capacity is comparable to filling a swimming pool with a Dixie Cup! She has done an amazing job for AMP and we are all beneficiaries of her devotion and leadership.

Just a quick note about me. I come from a musical family. My wife, oldest daughter, son and I play in the Madison Community Band. My youngest daughter, a sophomore at EKU, sings with the Concert Choir. My son, a freshman in high school, plays trumpet in the marching band and wind ensemble, and sings with the Madrigals. My dad is a retired band director and was a member of the 24th Infantry Army Band that played for the armistice agreement that ended the Korean War. My mom is an organist and flutist. You can say this is how we literally kept harmony in our family!

For 30 years I have devoted my professional career to nonprofit public relations and marketing, and have long been an active advocate for education, economic development, and the performing arts. I currently serve as the Associate Vice President for Public Relations and a PR Adjunct Instructor at Eastern Kentucky University.

I’m active in the community and region as I serve on several boards including the EKU Center for the Arts Board, the Madison Central Band Boosters and Friends of the Madison Community Band Board. Most recently I was appointed to the Kentucky Department of Education’s Visual and Performing Arts Advisory Council and received the 2010 Kentucky Music Educators Association District 11 Friends of Music Award for promoting music education.

Enough about me! It’s now time for us to continue the important work of AMP. So sit down by your computer, iPad, or laptop, or check out your smartphone; pour yourself a cup of coffee; and let’s get started! It’s sure great being a part of the AMP family! I look forward to our special time together.