In our latest effort to conquer the internet, we’ve got a new presence on LinkedIn. If you’re unfamiliar, LinkedIn is a social network that centers primarily on making professional connections. Some say that it’s like Facebook for work. You’re encouraged to upload your resume and work history. I have to admit, it’s pretty fun reconnecting with former coworkers and seeing what your high school and college classmates are up to!

linkedincandyIn furthering our goals as an organization, AMP’s presence on LinkedIn makes perfect sense. We’re looking to easily connect those of us who share a passion for music education. Perhaps some of us have made a career of it, but most of us have not. Regardless of our day jobs, connecting on LinkedIn allows us to find one another as professionals who support arts education.

Connections like this will come in very handy. Maybe your booster group is looking for donations or sponsorship; it would be great to know which businesses and/or professionals support music education. You can always use the group to crowdsource ideas, whether for advice, fundraising ideas, or music education advocacy. Plus, in this unstable economy, it’s always important to expand your career network before you need it.

You can find AMP’s discussion group here, and AMP’s company page here. You can connect with Scott, the CEO of AMP here. And my personal account on LinkedIn is here; I’d love to connect with you! Feel free to list your LinkedIn profile in the comments below.

Photo credit: Nan Palmero