There’s nothing you wouldn’t do for your child. When your child’s music booster group needed help, you stepped up. Now you’re in a leadership position with plenty of responsibility. Join AMP today to fast track your learning curve and implement the very best practices gathered from music programs all over the country.You’ll learn how to recruit other volunteers, why your group should never have committees, and why attending school board meetings is more important than fundraising. Don’t reinvent the wheel every time your board turns over: build your program on a rock solid foundation that will last for decades! AMP will help you get there.

Join as a Parent Organization

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AMP Drops Group Pricing by 50%!

Join as a GROUP and achieve substantial savings! (on average up to 80% off of individual memberships) Receive all the benefits of individual membership at a substantially reduced cost. This allows you to Engage ALL of your parents with membership, so whether you are a group of 75 or 125, the cost is less than $2.50 for every parent in your program to receive the benefits.

What do my Parents receive?:

  • Member Only Discounts and Offers from our partners, sponsors and the organization.
  • A Knowledge Center of Resources for “members only” to download and utlilize.
  • Monthly Webinars with prominent individuals speaking on pertinent topics.
  • Sample letters for campaigns to local administrators, state and national legislators.
  • Event & Conference registration
  • FREE Electronic Subscription to Halftime Magazine

The benefits of AMP membership:

  • Help keep music and arts education as a primary focus in a child’s scholastic experience.
  • A Robust website with important music education facts.
  • Multi-Media and Blogs with relevant parent information.
  • Social Network of parents around the country to learn and share ideas.
  • A repository of “best practice” sharing from bylaws to insurance and financial planning.
  • Semimonthly electronic newsletter.
  • Supports the programs and advocacy efforts of the organization.
  • Various benefits associated with AMP partners


AMP wants to serve and engage your ENTIRE parent organization.  Two simple options based off of the size of our program.

Total Number of Families* in Your Organization Group Prices**  New Lower Prices
Parent groups up to 100 families Price $185
101 families and up Price $290
*Family = number of parent(s)/guardian(s) of student(s) in program. Ex. If Sara Smith is a student in your program and has a brother John also in the program, yet they have parents who live at two different addresses, this would still count as one family.
**Groups can save an additional $50 if you are a customer of one of retail partners.  See your retailer for a coupon code discount.

We are not able to deliver these benefits by one person or even a small group joining as individuals and then sharing the information with the entire organization. We have created these group memberships whereby every parent would have access to the information and resources AMP provides. We operate on an “honor system” and hope you will operate with us as such.