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New for 2015, webinars will be FREE and open to the first 100 members and non-members to sign up. All events will still be recorded and available only to members in the webinar archives of resources. This event will be coming to you LIVE from the Indiana Music Educators Association Convention exhibit hall during Community Night. If you are in Fort Wayne Indiana area, you are invited to join the event live and attend the convention free that afternoon/evening. AMP founder, Scott McCormick will facilitate the presentation, joined by Dr. Gerdy virtually on a big screen in the hall. In the discussion, Scott will be sure to address the concept of music/band education being viewed as “extracurricular” in Dr. Gerdy’s book. We are sure you will find he uses this strictly as a metaphor for discussion purposes. Read the write up below to see why you need to be a part of this webinar. You can also pick up a copy of John’s book in advance of the event below.

In a perfect world, all school extracurricular activities would be fully funded. But with all indications being that future education funding will be significantly reduced, it’s painfully clear that we no longer live in a perfect world. As a result, school and community leaders as well as parents will be forced to determine how to allocate increasingly scarce extracurricular dollars, particularly in the areas of athletics and the arts. In such an environment, the fundamental question is which extracurricular activities garner the best educational return on investment.

These decisions must be made with the recognition that America’s economy has changed from one based on industrial might to one driven by technology, creativity, collaboration and innovation. What does this mean as applied to educational funding and priorities? How should it impact efforts to structure schools and educational curriculums to prepare our children to succeed in this rapidly changing and increasingly competitive world economy and integrated global community?

To successfully meet these challenges, parents, education policy makers and community leaders must be fully informed to enable them to approach these difficult decisions with a more thorough understanding of the issues and impacts these activities have on educational and community outcomes.

book-imageBased on his provocative book Ball or Bands: Football vs. Music as an Educational and Community Investment, John draws not only on relevant research and data but also his extensive experience in both worlds. The result is a thoughtful, thorough and clear-eyed comparative analysis of the educational value of football versus music programs in providing our children an education worthy of the 21st century.

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