cases band room

Oh, my goodness! It is hard to believe that I am hearing those muffled sounds of drums coming from the high school. Another football season is upon us. Once again, my heart yearns to be at the stadium. I wonder if I will ever get over the feelings that a cadence arouses in me… I just want to get busy filling water cups, chaperoning students, riding buses, walking with students, moving equipment, building props, and all those things that a parent does to help the directors and students concentrate on their performance. But alas, those days are over for me…I must be content in motivating others to become involved and sharing effective tips about the world of band.

To new Moms and Dads, now is the time to ponder my previous blogs and to learn from my adventures of how to get rid of “that deer in the headlights look.” It really is not a very flattering look.

I know that your very existence has changed. I know that there are new people to meet who might seem intimidating. I know that there is a possibility that someone will ask you to do something that you may feel inadequate to do. I know that there have already been adjustments made in your schedule. I know that there are questions in your minds.

More importantly, I also know that there are priceless experiences awaiting you!

So…Get out of your car…Go to the practice field… Go into the band room…Offer to help…

Baby steps will lead you to a new level of confidence that has no limit. The biggest mistake that you can make is to wait until your child is a junior or senior to come out to support him or her.

One of the saddest moments I encountered in my 19 years followed a senior night reception for the senior band students and their parents. A set of parents, whom I had not seen in four years, asked, “Mrs. Mourdock, how do we get to the stadium?” The fourth year and final game of their child’s high school marching career, the parents finally came out! How sad!! Come on…Baby steps!!

To the members and officers of the booster organization, now is the time to unite these new parents with the veteran parents through extended hands of welcome. This is your chance to bring new life into your organization. These parents have skills and talents that you need to make your organization vibrant.

So…Go to their cars…Invite them to the practice field…Invite them into the band room…Ask them to help…

Rally around them. Make them feel a part of your organization. As leaders of the booster organization, no greater compliment can be given to the veteran parents than having rookie parents become energetic and effective team members their freshman year!

Before you know it, the marching season will be over. How great will be your joy when you know that you as rookie parents were a part of something magical and that you as veteran parents played a part in bringing the magic of music into some else’s life.