Protect Your Most Important Investments with Parent Booster Group Insurance

Securing the right insurance policy can make all the difference in protecting the time, energy, and hard-earned funds of your parent group’s officers and volunteers. National Association of Music Parents (AMP) is proud to partner with PTO Today to offer affordable insurance coverage that will protect your group.

What does this Group Insurance Package Include?

General Liability

Protects your group and volunteers against 3rd party bodily injury and property damage claims. Parent booster organizations are typically required to provide evidence of general liability coverage to venues where booster organization-sponsored events are being held. Must be purchased with Excess Accident Medical.

Excess Accident Medical

Provides excess medical coverage to participants in booster organization sponsored events in the case of injury to the participant. The coverage is excess to any primary medical insurance the participant or the participant’s guardian (in the case of a minor) may have in place.

Directors’ & Officers’ (D&O)

Protects board members if a “mismanagement” or “misrepresentation” claim is filed.


Protects your funds from theft and embezzlement. Must be purchased with Excess Accident Medical and General Liability.

Insurance Packages

To purchase PTO Today Insurance through the National Association of Music Parents (AMP), your group must be an AMP Group Member. You can join AMP and receive these insurance benefits, often times, for less than the price of purchasing D&O insurance alone through a third-party vendor. You get all the benefits of being an AMP Member and great savings on insurance!

Plan Pricing

  • $590* for AMP Group Level Members (includes General Liability, Excess Accident Medical, D&O, and Crime)
  • $799* for Non-Members (includes General Liability, Excess Accident Medical, D&O, and Crime PLUS AMP Group-Level Membership

Insurance is offered through Bene-Marc Insurance Agency and PTO Today.
*New pricing effective January 1, 2016

Apply online with a check or credit card or download and mail in your application. Please call us at 888-740-9305 with any questions.

Printable Insurance Application — BUY NOW!

Copies of the actual insurance policies/FAQ are available on the PTO Today Insurance site.