For those of you who are a part of a parent booster organization, I know it is time to start thinking about recruiting new officers for next years board and not too far down the road, working on budgets. If you have been following the series of articles we have posted in recent months, Breaking the Bundle, we have now packaged an entire Team Notebook that will help your program get more organized. Download this resource today.


Save the date for this month’s webinar: January 23!  If you ever wanted to hear how an administrator who is wholeheartedly supportive of the arts, works with parents and teachers, this is one not to miss. After hearing Dr. Swensson, Superintendent of Schools of the Carmel Clay School Corporation (IN), speak at an administrators’ event during the BOA Grand Nationals, I knew we needed to have him and Director of Bands and Performing Arts Chair at Carmel High School Richard Saucedo as our guests. This webinar will be a bit more conversational. If you have a question you have always wanted to ask a superintendent, here is your chance. Send us your questions to and we will try to include as many as possible. We can’t wait to hear from you!