How has your child’s music teacher made a difference?

As parents, we do the best we can to teach our kids, and be positive role models for them. But it takes a village, as they say, and one of the best role models in your village just might be your child’s music teacher.

Music, perhaps more than any other subject in school, teaches so much more than just learning to read and play notes. Researcher Dr. Daniel J. Levitin explains:

“There is emerging evidence that music may enhance social skills, creativity, quality of life, and can help to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“…Playing music in an ensemble builds character, teaches turn taking, and helps to take children ‘out of themselves,’ forcing them to pay attention to what others are doing.”

Last year, the GRAMMYS awarded the first-ever Music Educator Award to Kent Knappenberger of Westfield Academy and Central School in Westfield, New York.

“I believe that all of us…are guided by the beliefs we hold true about ourselves. As human beings, as we deal with the business of living, I think we have a natural inclination to look for markers and milestone,  even symbols, to help us construct who we are. Those markers and symbols are what we call ‘the arts.’ It is through them that we create meaning from  our lives, and become more fully human. They’re not a frill, an excess, or an option to any culture on this planet.”

Anyone who can spend day after day, year after year, instilling character, insight, and the love of music into our children deserves recognition, wouldn’t you say?

For more information, and to nominate your child’s teacher, visit Grammy in the Schools. The deadline for application is March 31, 2014.