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Our partner Vandoren is world-renown for their exceptionally high-quality reeds imported from France. Now, thanks to advances in technology, they are able to bring the same high quality reeds to everyone, including the beginning woodwind player, at a truly affordable cost. Introducing Juno reeds!

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For the Parent

Juno is a new reed specially designed to provide every student with the opportunity to succeed right from the start. And when your student is successful from the beginning, they want to keep playing and practicing. More playing and practicing means your student will stay involved longer. Besides being the first reed designed especially for the beginning student, it’s priced so you won’t wince every time your student says, “I need some more reeds.” And, each reed is individually wrapped so when your student opens it, they’ll be opening a factory fresh reed touched by no one until the first time they play it. Juno: high value, affordable and designed to keep you student playing, practicing and succeeding.


For the Band Director

Before the introduction of Juno Reeds, most band directors and parents focused on the cost of a reed, not the performance. Now there is no need to sacrifice sound quality and performance and affordability —Juno successfully addresses, for the first time, both performance and affordability.

Vandoren Paris developed and manufactures Juno reeds in their factory in the south of France. The goal was to design a reed that would respond immediately with excellent tonal properties so each student would experience a high level of success and because of their success, stay in the program.

Q: Why hasn’t Vandoren done this earlier?
The technology to select the cane suitable for this application and to apply the cut was not available until recently. Now every student can benefit from the Vandoren experience from the very beginning all the way to professional level.

Q: What makes it so special?
The cane is all from the Mediterranean coast and specially selected for its properties so important to immediate response and incredible tone quality. The cut is also unique to provide the beginning student with a positive beginning both in response and in tone. This is the first reed that is designed from the very start for beginning students.