A continuation in the series Breaking the Bundle! – A Guide to Organizing a Booster Organization

Wasted hours…Oh, how I hate to think of the hours that are squandered by booster team coordinators and their team members as they assume their new post. Aspiring to surpass the success of the previous team, they often start by starting over.

As I looked back over the years watching newly formed teams, I saw teams who spent hours, literally days, in a needless, inefficient struggle to improve what already worked. In almost all cases, the team after expending hours of time and incessant energy would duplicate the basic method used by the previous team. After all of this effort, the team found themselves discouraged and fatigued because they developed a matching basic method that had been created by others before them….effort and time wasted that could have been spent in upgrading this basic pattern to more commendable goals.

Caveman 1I once saw a cartoon of the traditional cave man carving a particularly thick wheel out of rock. There was a man watching who turned around and walked away with the opinion of “Here we go again”. The next frame of the cartoon showed the same man with his thick carved wheel situated on its side; he stood in the middle of the wheel with a pitcher while drinks were positioned on the up side of the wheel presenting a perfect, prehistoric bar. When the same man who had walked away returned, he saw this upgrade of the basic wheel. He sat down on a stool, which was previously the center of the wheel, and enjoyed the creativity of the wheel carver who uncovered a new way to use the traditional wheel.

This is precisely what our teams must do. They must take the old, examine it, and build up from there. How do we do this?

Comic Caveman

Yep, that is the answer!!! Keep a team notebook. A team notebook is the key to a team’s success. If a properly maintained and passed along team notebook is kept, smooth running and sweet triumph of any team or event can be guaranteed. This notebook becomes a timesaver and a resource and makes your booster group that “well oiled machine”.

A notebook contains date of an event or the length of time a team is needed, monthly responsibilities, action sheet, plan of implementation, to do list, team member and contact information, vendor information, thank you note assignments, reimbursement forms, financial recap, donation list, publicity information, etc.

For your booster group to become that “well oiled machine,” read the article Stick Five – Understanding the Importance of the Team Notebook in the Organization section of the Resources tab. ¬†You can also find other articles from Marsha’s guide “Breaking the Bundle – A Guide to Organizing a Booster Organization!”

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