Telling a story to manage the vision & purpose of your ensemble.

Join humorously inspiring author, columnist, and music education advocate DJ Corchin as he joins in AMP’s conversation about keeping your group engaged. This webinar features The 13th Chair’s signature humor and wit to ask,

“What is your group’s story?”

Ever read a book that started off great, but got so boring you not only stopped reading it but used it to hold up that ancient timpani with the one missing wheel? Or saw a movie where the trailer looked amazing only to get so lost in plot twists and useless jargon you wished you got the jumbo soda because you actually preferred to make a trip to the bathroom?

Getting and keeping parents, kids, teachers, administrators, and yourself engaged from year to year is essential in creating a strong program. Join AMP and The 13th Chair for a discussion on engagement, unicorns, and magic. Just kidding, but it is music so you never know.