Okay…okaaay! I must be honest.  After rereading  my earlier posts, the reader would sense that I always loved band and was totally supportive.  Ummm, well…not quite true!

When our first child was a freshman and as she was becoming fully convinced that band was the only thing in the world that mattered, I was not feeling all that well; I was pregnant with child seven.  It was torture for me to go to the football games and try to sit in what seemed like skyscraper stadiums.  I remember my husband and I herding the five other children up all the steps with stadium cushions and sometimes blankets, only to have one of them say, “I have to go the bathroom.”  We provided the entertainment between plays for most of the stadium at most of the games.

It wasn’t just the games; it was all that rehearsing.  Why, when I was in high school, we practiced two nights a week for an hour and a half.  What was it with three nights a week for three hours from six to nine p.m.?  On top of that, you had to be there at least 20 minutes early.  And on top of that, it seemed rehearsal never ended at 9:00 p.m.   Saturdays were no longer our days.  If it wasn’t practice, it was a fundraiser, a competition, or a sectional.

When marching season was over, I expected life to become normal again, but no. We went into concert season and something called indoor drum line. “Honey, you play a flute.”  “But Mom, they need a cymbal player; they say it is really easy.”

It was about this same time, my husband decided he would volunteer to be a treasurer.   I soon learned that he who writes the checks for a band program is constantly in demand.  Wow!  This mom’s life with a band child had really taken a turn.   What had happened to my life—first a daughter and now a husband lost to the world of band.  What was to happen to rest of our children?  What was to happen to me?

Band life, that is what happened to the rest of our children.  I watched that first child turn into a self confident, hard working, and blossoming young lady.  It took me a while, and I too became swallowed up in the world of band and its wonders!