In this day and age of electronic mail, a personal letter mailed to each individual inviting them to attend a specific concert stands out.  These invites have an embedded pro-advocacy message.

Concert Invite – Superintendent

Prefix First Name Last Name
XXXX School District
Street Address
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Dear Prefix First Name,

We are excited to be parents of a student in the XXXX school district that values music and the arts as part of its complete curriculum. I’ve noticed that above your message on the district web site is a picture of you standing in a band classroom. Thank you for your support of the arts. So much of the successes of our school’s music and other arts programs are directly tied to administrative support. That support leads to quality music experiences for our students, which prepares them to be creative and expressive individuals ready for the 21st century workforce. We do not take for granted your genuine efforts on our children’s behalf.

We have fantastic music teachers at XXXX Jr. High, and they have been working hard with the students to prepare the first concert of the year. With the permission of the directors, we would like to invite you not only to attend our XXXX Jr. High Fall Concert, but to also provide a few words during the concert to the parents and students in attendance. This concert will take place in the XXXX gymnasium on DATE and TIME. The concert will conclude with a special guest appearance of the XXXX High School Marching Band. It would mean much to the parents and their students, as well as the great teachers we have. Please RSVP via email at XXXX, so we can plan appropriately for your attendance.

Every parent sees their child’s chosen discipline as vital to their growth and development. We couldn’t agree more about the benefits that MUSIC and the arts should bring to every young girl and boy who walks through our school doors.

Daniel Pink, author of the New York Times and Business Week bestseller, A Whole New Mind – Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future, states the following in his book:

“The era of ‘left brain’ dominance, and the Information Age that it engendered, is giving away to a new world in which ‘right brain’ qualities – inventiveness, empathy, and meaning predominate. That’s what business is about today. This is a hard-headed argument that arts education is not ornamental but fundamental for economic reasons. We should be adding not cutting the arts.”

Knowing your sensitivity concerning the welfare of our students, we thought you would profit from this man’s perspective. Obviously, it not only agrees with what is taught in our music program, but demonstrates the positive implications of music education from a more global vantage point.

Thank you for your time and interest in our students.


Your Name
Parent Advocate for the XXXX Music Program

cc: Director’s Name
Assistant Director’s Name


In this day and age of electronic mail, sometimes a personal invitation received in the mail stands out.  Each invitation has an embedded pro-advocacy message.