A bit of advice for tonight’s hangout, based on my test runs:

Restart your machine to clear the memory.

Do not open any other programs besides your browser of choice (I like +Google Chrome).

Especially make sure you don’t have open any programs that use your webcam & microphone, like when I had +Skype open this afternoon.

Be patient and expect technical difficulties. I haven’t done a test run yet without them.

Let me know if you have any questions, whether they be technical or AMP-related! I’ve already walked 2 participants through sample G+ hangouts.

You can contact me via Google Chat or Twitter tonight during the Hangout.

See you in a few hours! -K.


hangout gplus

Have you heard? We’ll be hanging out Thursday night. This isn’t the typical hangout you’re used to, where the kids play video games in the basement while you’re on snack duty.

No, this is the 21st century version. We’ll be having an online Hangout on Google+!

Send us your questions via FacebookGoogle+Twitter or email at info@amparents.org.

Click here to join the hangout on our Google+ page Thursday at 9 pm EDT/8 pm CDT/7 pm MDT/6 pm PDT!

Imagine getting together with 9 other people, whether they’re across town or across the country. You can even share Google docs and watch YouTube videos together. It’s almost as good as being together in the same room! And it’s all completely FREE.

Now imagine you can’t make it to the Hangout  <insert sad face> What if I told you that we’d record the WHOLE THING and you could watch it on YouTube later?


Uh oh. What if you’re unlucky participant number 11?

No worries! The broadcast will stream live. Sit back and watch. You’ll be able to add your 2 cents via Google chat and Twitter! (We’ll use the hashtag #AMPhangout.)

Camera shy? No problem. You have full control of your webcam. Feel free to join us with audio only, or just watch the live stream.

Don’t forget: send us your questions via FacebookGoogle+Twitter or email at info@amparents.org.

AMP CEO Scott McCormick will be there, so don’t miss your chance to pick his brain!

  • Fundraising?
  • Volunteers?
  • Practice time?
  • Advocacy?

Now, you might be saying to yourself, “I cannot HANDLE one more social media account.

Fair enough.

But chances are, if you use Google for anything else, you’re already halfway there. If you have a Google account, they’ve made it very easy to upgrade to Google+.

upgrade to_G_for_video_chat

If you don’t have a Google account, just go to http://www.google.com and click the red “Sign up” button. You’ll automatically get a Google+ account.

sign up_for_G

You will have to go to our Google+ page to join us; I will be unable to invite individuals from the AMP G+ page. Also, please follow my personal page on G+: Kathleen Heuer. If I end up having technical difficulties, I’ll host from there instead.

As with any new technology, expect some hiccups, but I’m looking forward to a great Hangout tomorrow night!

CLICK HERE to join the hangout on our Google+ page Thursday at 9 pm EDT/8 pm CDT/7 pm MDT/6 pm PDT!

One more thing…

IMPORTANT NOTE FROM GOOGLE ABOUT COPYRIGHTBefore starting any broadcasted hangout, you’ll be asked to review the terms of service – please review this carefully. All content, including any music or videos played in the background of your hangout, should be avoided unless explicitly owned by you.

This also applies to anyone joining your broadcasted hangout – if others play music, videos, or other content that they do not own, ask them to stop and/or leave the hangout immediately.

(I’ll be playing it safe and removing any items whose images may be copyrighted from my webcam background.)

Can’t wait to see you tomorrow night!