In this time, when so much of what I read about in the education reform discussion focuses on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) I wonder what the STEM proponents are doing this morning when they are watching Good Morning America.  Does what they experience, go in one ear and out the other?  Are they oblivious to what music does for our souls? Do we think about what our lives would be like without this incredible art?

Earlier this week, I also attended another of our school board meetings in my district.  This meeting was a work session of the board that focused on two things, re-balancing our growing district and the need for another high school.  I applaud our superintendent and board for thinking outside the box as they envision what a new high school could look like.  They have been talking about a “collegiate high school” that would in essence have seniors graduating with their freshman year of college completed.  Up until that meeting, the STEM theme has been the focus of the curricular discussion.  I was thrilled to hear the curricular discussion in this meeting change to STEAM. (STEAM includes the ARTS in the curriculum.)  

I guess more and more decision makers, maybe all of society, are finally realizing that a world without Music and the other Arts simply does not work.  We would fail our kids full education if we excluded Music in their curriculum. More devastating would be to think about what Christmas might look like 20 years from now if there were no Music in our education system.  Good Morning America and so much of our media centered society would not be so enticing.

Thank you to ABC, PBS and so many of the other broadcasters for recognizing this.  Thank you to our education administrators who are also realizing this fact and beginning to adjust their thinking.

All of us AMP wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a 2012 filled with Music!  Let’s make this next year one that will be remembered for eternity!