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Your Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Happy holidays! Does your shopping list have you stumped? Here are a few gift ideas that might delight your friendly neighborhood music parent. If you’d like to drop a hint or six, leave this blog post open where your loved ones will happen across it. Or if your family is like mine, print it out, leave it on the toilet seat, highlight it and hope for the best.

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Leadership is Spelled “S-E-R-V-A-N-T”

Today’s guest post is by Marc C. Whitt, AMPassador.

One of the most important aspects of any music parents organization is leadership and in particular, the individual who serves as your president or chair.

Some leaders are born. Many more are groomed and developed over a period of time to become the positive force the organization needs and demands.

Recognizing that leaders come in all shapes, sizes and personalities, I contend that a critical trait often overlooked by organizations is that of being a “servant leader.”

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Committee vs Team

A continuation of the series Breaking the Bundle! A Guide to Organizing a Booster Organization

Order is the central premise of organizing the entire parents group. Once that basic board with its officers and members at large are decided upon, it is then time to organize the remaining parents into teams, or what used to be referred to as committees.

You might ask, why did you say teams and not committees?

Thank you for asking. I have an answer.

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5 Surefire Ways to Handle Conflict Within Your Booster Family

Today’s guest post is by Marc C. Whitt, AMPassador.

None of us seek it. None of us beg for it. But as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, conflict can and will occur to some degree whenever people express their differing viewpoints and opinions about a particular matter.

The next time conflict arises, be prepared. I assure you that excellent conflict resolution will lead toward a better understanding of the organization, improved self-awareness and greater organizational cohesion. And from there, you’ll make beautiful music—together!

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My child’s teacher recommended SmartMusic: Now what?!?

Today’s guest post is by James Lund of MakeMusic Inc.

Don’t panic! This is a great step toward increasing your child’s engagement with music-making, interacting with great practice software, and guiding your child to efficient practice habits that are also fun. We’ve worked hard over the years to turn SmartMusic into a great addition to student learning, and have thrown in some really cool music, too – I’m guessing you’ll find the Harry Potter music pretty quickly. There’s not much to the process if your school is recommending SmartMusic, either.

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