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Article — Requiring Volunteerism in a Booster Organization

The purpose behind requiring parents to volunteer is about building a sense of community and holding the parents to the same high level of expectation as the students. Choosing to charge a fee for not volunteering is one option. You’d be surprised at the results – the obvious and not so obvious!
Lisa Harbour, President – Carmel Band Boosters, IN 2011

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There is evidence we remember only 10% of what we hear and 24% of what we see, but when people become physically involved in what they are doing memory increases to 80%!! Try not only speaking the information you wish to get across, but providing it in written form, along with finding a creative way for physical involvement and see the success of your program skyrocket!

Based on these statistics, it seems we need to do more than talk about the benefits of music education. What if every communication from your music program took advantage of the space provided to highlight a music fact or two? How about if a concert program utilized some of the resources below to include etiquette tips or music facts. These small steps are the beginning of advocating for your school music program.

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Article — “Mom, how do I play a G#?” A Parent’s Guide for the Young Musician’s Practice Experience

Many parents want to help their child learn to play an instrument, but have never had any musical training themselves and do not know where to begin. Marc Whitlock, band director for Discovery Middle School and formerly a band director with the award winning Plymouth Canton Educational Park, MI and Marian Catholic H.S., gives parents detailed guidelines for home practice to help their child succeed.

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Concert Etiquette

A concert is a formal event, even if held in the school’s gymnasium. A lot of preparation is involved by the teachers and students to make it enjoyable for the audience and performers. Please see the documents below to help make each concert a memorable and rewarding experience for your child. There is even a fun quiz, provided by MENC, to pass out at your next concert to help educate others.

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