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The Final Season

Originally written on August 26, 2011

In just a few hours, the Highland High School Marching Band will take the field for this season’s first performance.

My daughter Lauren will be there, starting her fourth and final year as a clarinetist in this award winning band.Lauren-End-of-2009-Season

It’s a bittersweet day. We’ve watched her and her many “band geek” friends grow and develop over the last few years – into not only amazing musicians, but
 into wonderful young adults.

They’ve laughed together, cried together, and celebrated together. These amazing kids start practicing in August. In the 110+ degree heat, and they don’t stop practicing until November. They play at football games, go to competitions, participate in workshops, and practice. And practice more. All in an effort to be the best they can be, often with little support from other students or more sadly, school district administration. They do it for their love of the school, their music, their friends and their art.

This is a truly an incredible and dedicated bunch of young adults.

And virtually without fail, they are good people. They are passionate, fun-loving and well-adjusted. What they’ve learned in band will carry on throughout their lives. Some may never pick up an instrument again, but they take with them the ability to work as a team, to help one another, to feel empathy and compassion for others. And they even learn how to have a little fun along the way.

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Super Bowl Super Choice

This year’s Super Bowl was a great game huh? I mean the way that guy caught and threw the ball, hitting a home run over the net was pretty exciting. I’m pretty sure the shot clock was a factor in the fourth quarter. Ok, I kid, I kid. Come on, someone gave me the title of “humorist.” Do you know how much pressure that is?

Great music programs aren’t a gift, they’re a choice.

I enjoyed the Super Bowl just like any other sports fan. I really love sports. In fact, I was the starting catcher for my high school baseball team. No one ever believes me when I tell them that. Mr. Band Dork, dancer boy the athlete. I wasn’t the most beastly of catchers but I knew the game really well and played smart. In fact, I once got a guy called out at second. Not because I threw him out, but because I knew of an obscure rule that his bat couldn’t be 5 ounces lighter than it’s length. The kid hit a double, I brought it to the ump’s attention and the kid was called out. I was beaned the next time I went up to bat and their star pitcher got thrown out of the game. Brilliant right? But I digress, as I often do.

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NAMM Show: A Place for Music Parents and Educators

I write about this because I would venture to guess that most parents and educators for that matter, are not aware that the NAMM Show has a place for them.

Over the last number of years, NAMM and the musical products industry continues to recognize and expand the important connection with the music education profession and have gone out of their way to create these incredible opportunities for teachers and parents alike. I encourage you to start planning now to participate next January at our parent conference and click the link above to start the survey of the Best Communities for Music Education. The process will be eye opening to each of you. You can also see the full release on BCME here.

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The More Things Change…

In the beginning, it seemed like a good idea and I promise, it was with the best intentions. But some things, I guess, just don’t change.

I’m talking about trying to organize the band, football, cheer and ROTC boosters to work together to raise money for the trip to Ireland they are taking next August. As I’ve told you, my son, Jack, will be an incoming freshman in band and I volunteered to help strategize fundraising efforts.

At first, I really thought we had a chance to bring down some barriers.…

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The Giant Step

Comfortable…comfort zones…Oh yes, my last blog was about comfort zones and how we can move from one comfort zone to another by using baby steps. I told you how I started to use baby steps to fit myself into the band world. I mentioned the giant step marking that fateful night. I will continue.

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Confessions of a Band Mom

Band moms are made, not born. Find out how Marsha Mourdock stumbled through a rocky transition.

Okay…okaaay! I must be honest.  After rereading  my earlier posts, the reader would sense that I always loved band and was totally supportive.  Ummm, well…not quite true!

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Why Would I Do This to Myself?

Find out why a family with seven kids chose to invest in music, despite the logistical challenges.

With seven children, all boys except six girls, spread throughout the band program over all those consecutive years, we had enough musical instruments around the house to start our own music store.

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